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Magazine Preview #11 - Wood Zone in a Later Sonic 2 Prototype

Mag compare11a.jpg Mag compare11b.png
Source: Sega Solid Gold Guide 1993
Scanned by: Hivebrain
Source: Sonic 2 Beta ROM

Solid evidence that Wood Zone was STILL in the game, even it didn't appear in the level select (see M10).

The screenshots were taken at the very beginning of Wood Zone act 1, so we're unable to determine how much, if any, the level layout has changed. We also do not see any special graphical oddities here.

What's worth noting, is that Sonic's lying down animation has been implemented. In our prototype, he'd just tap his foot forever. This alone can help us conclude that this is indeed from a newer prototype, which is a consistent conclusion with respect to previews M10 and M12.