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Leaf Forest
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Leaf Forest
First Zone, Sonic Advance 2
Number of Acts: 3
Level theme: tropical island
Boss: Egg Hammer Tank II
Maximum rings, Act 1: 294 + 26~75
Maximum rings, Act 2: 236 + 16~65
Underwater areas: Act 1
Non-English names:
  • JP: リーフフォレスト
Hot Crater

Leaf Forest is the first Zone of Sonic Advance 2. As with other Zones in this game, Leaf Forest consists of two standard Acts followed by a boss Act.


Leaf Forest fills the quota for a tropical island level by featuring a Green Hill-esque landscape. The foreground features the typical palm trees, flowers and waterfalls of a tropical environment, while the background mostly consists of abstract green formations with checkered patterns on them like Green Hill's cliffs. Aside from the regular loop-de-loops, this Zone features bigger loops not based on earlier Sonic game ideas. One of the big loops in Act 2 happens to be missing the very top section, much like the loops in Sonic Adventure 2's Green Forest and White Jungle.

Corkscrews much like the ones found in Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Emerald Hill Zone are also prevalent throughout the Zone. These corkscrews are usually found above the ground, even at the top of the level. Two of the corkscrews in Act 2 even feature a flat downward path not seen in any earlier Sonic game. Also located around the Zone are springy poles that bounce the player higher and higher, as previously seen in Sonic the Hedgehog CD's Palmtree Panic.

This is also the only Zone in the entirety of Sonic Advance 2 to have underwater areas, appearing only in the first Act and divided into two caverns. One big level layout mistake in the first cavern shows how background layer 0 is disabled underwater, because the water routine in Sonic Advance's Ice Mountain Zone makes water ripples on that background layer.


Kiki — Monkey robot which throws bombs at the player.
Mon — Monkey robots that leap when approached.
StingerBuzz Bomber-esque Badnik. It stings the player when approached (assault type - doesn't appear in Easy mode).

Special Ring locations

The following are the locations of the Special Rings for access to the Special Stage in Leaf Forest. Detailed maps featuring the Special Ring locations can be found here.

Ring Act 1 Act 2
#1 From the start, stick to the top-most path as much as possible, and jump on top of the first downward loop. Grind the rail to reach the first Special Ring. From the start, stick to the top-most path as much as possible, and use the Launcher to land onto a rail, then jump at the end of the rail to grab the first Special Ring.
#2 Located to the right after the first Special Ring. Most characters can fly/glide to this one, but Sonic and Amy will need to use the trampoline spring at the foot of the next rail to reach it. Jumping from the aforementioned rail should result in the character landing on top of a loop. Keep going on this path, and the second Special Ring will be above the next rail.
#3 After the second Special Ring, head for underneath the corkscrew just up ahead for the third Special Ring. After Ring #2, keep going on the high routes and through the big loop. The spring should bounce the character into the next Special Ring, just before the Checkpoint.
#4 From #3, continue on the path and jump over the gap, then run through the big loop for the fourth Special Ring. After the Checkpoint, ignore the ramp and go through the rail to the lowest path, leading to a dead end with the fourth Special Ring.
#5 Keep going until the Checkpoint, then just keep running to right to run on the water and get another Special Ring. After Ring #4, hit the Speed Booster to propel back into Boost Mode, run through the loops and up a quarter-pipe past two bouncy poles. Use the spring on the high ledge to grab the Special Ring, then use a Trick Action to go back to the right.
#6 After Ring #5, return to taking the highest possible routes, using the Launchers as necessary. The sixth Special Ring is atop a loop with a diagonal spring pointing at it. From Ring #5, jump down through the corkscrew with flat path to the Power Sneakers Item Box, then go to the right and go through the wall for the sixth Ring.
#7 After Ring #6, use the Launcher to reach a platform that holds the final Special Ring. Use the Long Wind Jump Trick Action (Right + R) if necessary. After grabbing Ring #6, jump when leaving the hidden passage and hit the Speed Booster. This will lead to the big loop that holds the final Ring.



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