Egg Crawler

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Egg Crawler
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Egg Crawler
Game: Sonic Rivals 2
Level: Sunset Forest Zone
Hits to defeat: 6

The Egg Crawler is the second boss fought in Sonic Rivals 2. The battle is fought near at waterfall at the end of the Sunset Forest Zone. Eggman Nega, disguised as Dr. Eggman pilots a giant robotic centipede.

The Egg Crawler will come from one of two ends of a cave, and drive around the track. There are two ways to damage it. The tougher option jump between the platforms the players stand on and attack the cockpit directly. The easier method is to attack the Bombats that spawn over the ground, and have their bombs hit the cockpit.

After six hits from one player, the Egg Crawler is the destroyed and the battle is won. In addition to dealing with the other player, who will be trying to win the battle for themselves, players must also take care not to be run over by the mecha.


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