Sunset Forest Zone

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Sunset Forest Zone
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Sunset Forest Zone
Second Zone, Sonic Rivals 2
Number of Acts: 3 + Boss
Level theme: jungle
Boss: Egg Crawler
Blue Coast Zone | Neon Palace Zone

Sunset Forest Zone is the second level of Sonic Rivals 2 for the PSP. A dense woodland area, the Zone contains three Acts plus a boss fight at the end. As with most of Rivals 2, the Zone is located on an unnamed island somewhere in Sonic's world.

While the region does sport the characteristic checkered soil (and grass), it is very much a forest rather than a beach, with the thick canopy causing problems for Shadow and Metal Sonic, as it blocks out radio transmissions rendering them unable to receive instructions from Eggman. Giant trees studded with man-sized mushrooms abound, as well as swing-able vines and cascading waterfalls. Unique gimmicks in this level include ivy-covered walls the racers have to climb up, and (for some reason) giant, pirate-style cannons that the characters must jump in to be fired over obstacles - reminiscent of Carnival Night Zone in Sonic 3.


Still pursuing "Eggman" after his escape in the Blue Coast Zone Boss, Sonic encounters Silver doing the same thing, and the two race in Sonic's Act 1. Tails manages to spot Espio, who's tailing the fox after his discovery of Professor Gerald's Ifrit page, and the pair compare notes over the chao disappearances, but Tails runs off after Sonic before the detective is finished with his questions.

Shadow and Metal Sonic, meanwhile, are at a loss as to where to go next since Eggman's signal is being blocked by the dense foliage. The Ultimate Lifeform runs into Knuckles, who explains that he's following Rouge's suggestion and looking for an Emerald Detector to facilitate his search for the Master Emerald. Shadow, however, assumes (not unreasonably) that with Rouge's involvement they'll wind up using it to acquire the Chaos Emeralds that the black hedgehog himself is looking for, and gives chase. Simultaneously, Metal Sonic comes across said bat, and chases her down apparently just out of general robotic malice.

Level Composition

ACT Sonic Tails Knuckles Rouge Shadow Metal Sonic Espio Silver
Act 1 Race: Silver Race: Espio Race: Shadow Race: Metal Sonic Race: Knuckles Race: Rouge Race: Tails Race: Sonic
Act 2 Knock-Out (3): Silver Knock-Out (3): Espio Knock-Out (3): Shadow Tag (1:30): Metal Sonic Knock-Out (3): Knuckles Tag (1:30): Rouge Laps Race: Tails Capture the Chao: Sonic
Act 3 Race: Tails vs. Espio Race: Sonic vs. Silver Race: Rouge vs. Metal Sonic Race: Knuckles vs. Shadow Race: Metal Sonic vs. Rouge Race: Shadow vs. Knuckles Race: Silver vs. Sonic Race: Espio vs. Tails
Boss Vs. Silver Vs. Espio Vs. Shadow Vs. Metal Sonic Vs. Knuckles Vs. Rouge Vs. Tails Vs. Sonic


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  • After Act 2, Silver mentions that chao always live in packs.


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