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Egg Bull
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Egg Bull
Game: Sonic Rivals 2
Level: Frontier Canyon Zone
Hits to defeat: 6

The Egg Bull is the fourth boss of Sonic Rivals 2. Taking place at the end of the Frontier Canyon Zone, Eggman Nega, disguised as Dr. Eggman, attacks in a giant mechanical bull.


The Egg Bull will chase the players, while occasionally shooting dynamite packs. While running the players will pass several stacked benches. The Egg Bull with either destroy these and keep running, or stop to attack the players with more dynamite packs and horizontal tornadoes it blows from its snout. Players must jump on the benches to gain height, and then attack the bull's cockpit, which is on its head. Players can also attack from the ground if the bull lowers its head enough.

The biggest challenge in the battle is not from the Egg Bull, but from the other player. The AIs of the game put up their strongest fight in this battle. They will often leapfrog off of the other player while he/she is airborne. This causes that player to fall, while they get the hit on the boss.

Six hits from one player marks the end of the battle, and victory for that player.


When the Egg Bull gets angry he'll smash through anything, so be quick, or be smashed!

— Loading screen hint


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