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SonicBlastLCD Screenshot.jpg
Sonic Blast
System(s): LCD
Publisher: Tomy
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code Rating
LCD handheld game
1994 $? ?
ESRB: Kids to Adults

Sonic Blast is a 1994 LCD game released in the US by Tomy as part of the Pocket Arcade series. The screen comes out from the lower half of the device via a spring operated pop-up type mechanism. The design of the device is similar to the other Sonic game in the series (Amazing Sonic), including the odd button layout which separates the d-pad into two parts (one button for Up and Down movements on the right side and one button for Left and Right movements on the left hand side). There is a button in the center labelled 'Launcher'. There are also four small buttons - on the top part of the device that pops out - these are just under the screen and from left to right are labelled as follows; Sound, Zone, Pause and Turbo.


According to the back of the box the story goes:

Dr. Robotnik has taken evil to new heights with his "Botnix 7" space station. He's orbiting earth with the kidnapped Tails in tow! Sonic must blast into outer space, shut down the space station and rescue Tails. But the fiendish Robotnik is waiting with a Sonic tracking destructo-craft, zero gravity and ejecto-walls that could send Sonic plummeting through outer space - forever! Help Sonic Blast into this challenging and dangerous mission.

According to the manual sheet inside the packaging, the story goes:

Sonic has picked up odd readings from the space station where his friend Tails is on vacation. The station was built as a resort for weary space travellers, with 7 zones of wondrous rejuvenation spheres. But Sonic's instruments show that the station is losing power! And there has been no word from Tails... Worried, Sonic has blasted off to investigate.

Dr. Robotnik is the culprit! He's concealed the rejuvenation spheres and is converting them into traps that send unwary travelers hurtling unprepared into outer space, so he can take over the station for himself. And he has imprisoned Tails!

To win, Sonic will need a lot of power. He must find and activate remaining rejuvenation spheres to score all the energy points he can. The station atmosphere is at zero gravity and Dr. Robotnik has installed magnetic force beams to ensnare Sonic in repetitive patterns that could keep him trapped. He has also placed a holographic image of Tails in every zone. Not knowing which Tails is real, Somic has to free each one.

SONIC NEEDS YOU! Help Sonic to escape from the magnetic force patterns, avoid the traps, rescue Tails, and defeat Dr. Robotnik's foul plan!



Physical scans

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