Sonic Spinball (LCD game)

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Sonic Spinball
System(s): LCD
Publisher: Tiger Electronics
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code Rating
LCD handheld game
1994 $? ?

Sonic Spinball is an LCD game created by Tiger Electronics in 1994. It is the first Tiger-based LCD game to use the rectangular-shaped 3rd generation casing. The game features two flipper buttons (with the left one doubling as a ball launcher) and looks to have been a standard pinball game. It also contains four function buttons on the center of the console that turn off the system, toggle sound effects, displays the high score, and turns on the system and starts the game. The background of the game features a level similar to the Machine in its 16-bit counterpart.


Gameplay screenshot.

As with the console games, the player controls Sonic the Hedgehog whom is curled up in ball form and acts as a pinball. The game has four levels total in addition to a Bonus level which is found between levels 3 and 4 if the player collects all the Chaos Emeralds beforehand. Chaos Emeralds are found inside boxes, with level 1 containing 2, level 2 containing 3, and level 3 containing 4. Each level has a pool of water on the bottom of the screen and will take away a single life if a player lands in it. There are also several other obstacles in the levels such as drain pipes which transport characters to the other side of the screen, and other objects which change the characters' path of travel. A timer is present in all stages, the first level has 60 seconds, second has 70, third has 80, and the final stage has 99. Enemies and bosses can also be found in each level. The first three levels have a boss which will take 8 or 16 hits to defeat. The boss of the final level can only be defeated by knocking out its 3 teeth.


Sonic will lose 100 points each time he falls in the water. The list below shows the points that can be gained by completing other objectives.

  • Seconds Remaining at end of level = 10 for each second
  • Hitting a bumper = 10
  • Hitting a drain pipe = 30
  • Shot out of Plug = 30
  • Hitting Robotnik (in bonus stage) = 30
  • Hitting drain bumper = 50
  • Hitting Cluckbird = 50
  • Hitting Magma Worm = 50
  • Hitting Boss (levels 1-3) = 100
  • Breaking Emerald Container = 100
  • Shattering Boss' Teeth (level 4) = 200
  • Collecting Chaos Emerald = 500



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