Resort Island

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Resort Island
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Resort Island
First level, Sonic R
Level theme: tropical island
Radical City
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Map of the level.

Resort Island, which fulfils the for Sonic R, is the first level made available for play and the easiest of the five tracks. It is a tropical island paradise with a nice blue sky, lots of greenery, a small forest, and a picturesque waterfall. A loop-de-loop is featured right before the starting line, which can be walked around and ignored entirely.

The track houses one Chaos Emerald, and after collecting the five Sonic Tokens around the levels (and finishing in the top three), the player can race against and unlock Metal Sonic. The music that plays in this level is Can You Feel the Sunshine.

Instruction Manual Description

It's a wonderful day for a race on this tropical island paradise. A nice blue sky, lots of greenery, a pretty's all here. Get too enchanted, though, and you might slip into the water or bump into a coconut tree. Take the time to hop around the smaller islands. Going for a little rock climbing is well worth the effort too.


  • At the start of each race on this course, there is a flock of Flickies as they appeared in Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island, which was also developed by Traveller's Tales.
  • One of the huts in this track sports a Christian ichthys, a religious Easter egg placed by lead programmer Jon Burton, a practicing Christian.

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