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Game: Tails' Skypatrol
Level: Rail Canyon

Focke-Wulf is a blue anthropormorphic wolf. He is the first boss of Tails' Skypatrol and presumably the lowest ranked minion of the three that accompany Witchcart. Focke-Wulf, and his peers Bearenger and Carrotia, all help raid the random island the Witchcart claims. They all secure a part of the island, with Focke-Wulf being left with Rail Canyon. He has a silly cartoonish design and rides a flying bike similar to Fang's. He also seems to be a parody of the "western" stereotype, amplifying it with his appearance and boss music.

He has a simple attack pattern and his only attacks are projectiles which can shoot down Tails. When defeated he is dragged away by Tails, like the rest of the bosses.

  • Focke-Wulf's name is likely inspired by the Focke-Wulf Fw 190, a German World War II aircraft.


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