Treasure Scope

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The Treasure Scope is an upgrade available to Rouge the Bat in Sonic Adventure 2. It allows her to see otherwise invisible items hidden throughout the levels. These items can include rings, item capsules, or even springs.

Treasurescope sa2.png
  • Purpose: Allows Rouge to see invisible items, whether it be item jars or springs.
  • Location: Security Hall. In the C Block of the yellow floor level, there will be a ruin. Play the Mystic Melody and platforms will appear. The platforms lead to a hidden room blocked by steel containers. The Treasure Scope awaits on the other side.
  • Requirements: None, except that the Pick Nails are incidentally needed to get to this point in the story. The most straightforward path to this item additionally requires having Mystic Melody and Iron Boots already, and in fact if you obtain it without having Iron Boots, you won't be able to do anything except restart after collecting it.
  • Required For: The final mission of Egg Quarters. Alternative solutions exist to the paths opened up by this item in the final missions of Dry Lagoon and Security Hall, and also in Security Hall's 3rd mission (to find the Chao).
  • Equivalent: Knuckles' Sunglasses.


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