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The Light Speed Shoes (Light Shoes, Light Speed Dash Shoes) are an upgrade available to Sonic in Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic Unleashed. They enable the hedgehog to use the Light Speed Dash move, flying along chains of rings. In other games (like Sonic Heroes) Sonic has this ability inately and does not require a footwear upgrade to use it. According to Unleashed, the shoes are made of the same material as rings.

Sonic Adventure

SA1 LightSpeedShoes.PNG
  • Purpose: Allows Sonic to use Light Dash, enabling him to race across a trail of rings.
  • Location: Station Square sewers. After completing Windy Valley, go to the city hall section and drop down the open manhole in the road. The Light Speed Shoes are in this underground section.
  • Requirements: Finished Windy Valley.
  • Required For: The many vertical-ring-paths that Sonic runs into throughout his story. Indeed, you have to use the Light Speed Dash to get out of the sewer you pick the shoes up in.

Sonic Adventure 2

Lightshoes sa2.png
  • Purpose: As in SA1, allows Sonic to use Light Dash.
  • Location: Metal Harbor. After the first Point Marker, use Homing Attack on the GUN Beetle Robots to get to the other side. On that platform, there is a pulley that will take you to the Light Shoes.
  • Requirements: None.
  • Required For: Strictly speaking, nothing in the story requires this--you can manage everything except the final mission of Crazy Gadget without it (though you won't be able to get an A rank for Metal Harbor's second mission). However, the player is certainly meant to rely on this upgrade at points in both Metal Harbor and Crazy Gadget.
  • Equivalent: Shadow's Air Shoes

Sonic Unleashed

  • Purpose: As in SA1, allows Sonic to use Light Dash.
  • Location: Shamar Entrance Stage, daytime. Either Wall Jump up the route to the left of the shoe's platform, or go round to the right and Air Boost through the rainbow loops past the Egg Fighter Knight.
  • Requirements: You'll need to use either the Wall Jump or Air Boost to get up to the platform, but you'll have both of these by the time Shamar is accessible anyway.
  • Required For: It's needed to access many high-up places, including mandatory Acts in the Entrance Stages; most obviously, Arid Sands Day Act 1, the ring trail for which is right next to the shoes' location.


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