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Fast Facts on Sonic Before the Sequel

Latest Version: Sage 2012
Latest Release Date: August 5, 2012
Engine: Sonic Worlds
Credits: LakeFeperd

Sonic Before the Sequel (abbreviated Sonic BTS) is a fan game created by LakeFeperd that is meant to explain the events that may have taken place between Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. In it, the player plays as Sonic and Tails, alternating between the duo through numerous zones as Sonic goes to stop Dr. Eggman from launching the Death Egg, with Tails trying to keep up and eventually meet and team up with Sonic. An update was released during SAGE 2012, adding improved graphics, an original soundtrack made by Falk, KgZ, Andy Tunstall & Funk Fiction, and a bonus boss if you reach the good ending. A sequel, Sonic After the Sequel, and an interequel, Sonic Before the Sequel Aftermath (which has now formed into another fangame by LakeFeperd called Sonic Chrono Adventure), were released as well.


After the events of Sonic 1, Sonic releases the Chaos Emeralds and is teleported to Hilltop Heights Zone. There, he catches sight of the nearly completed Death Egg and speeds off to stop it's impending launch. Later on after duking it out with Eggman, he heads off into Star Shore Zone. There, Tails is looking awkwardly at a Motobug that seems to be asleep, and he tries to touch it, and it awakes, and just as it is about to attack Tails, Sonic comes out of nowhere, destroys the badnik, and hurries off. Tails, amazed at the sight, sets out to follow the blue bur. Some time later, a robot appears and begins to attack Tails, but he is able to defeat it. After a while, Sonic begins to feel that someone is following him. when he turns around, he sees Tails, who is very ecstatic to see him. Sonic tries to run away, but Tails just flies up to the platform Sonic is standing on. In an effort to escape, Sonic jumps into the water. Before Tails can follow him, he is captured by a flying capsule. Some time after that, Sonic and Tails meet up once again, and Sonic allows Tails to tag along with him. Just as they are about to confront Eggman, Tails gets knocked off of the platform; with Sonic being unable to reach him in time. Tails falls into the clouds nearby, and learns how to use his tails to increase his speed. He then fights the orb robot for the last time, scrapping it. Sonic then faces off against Eggman, who is fighting him in a body armor. After the first phase, the seventh Chaos Emerald appears, and Sonic transforms into Super Sonic, and battles against the doctor in his second phase. Sonic defeats Dr. Eggman, and powers down. As he falls to the ground, Tails appears and Sonic lands safely on the Tornado, Sonic's biplane. They then land in Emerald Hill Zone, and the events of Sonic 2 begin.



Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic the Hedgehog is a 15 year old blue hedgehog who lives in no particular locale on the planet Earth, instead choosing to travel the world looking for fun and adventure wherever he goes. While he may be a drifter, that doesn't mean he only cares about himself. Sonic is known for his 'attitude', which is shown through his smugness and sarcasm. Sonic sometimes likes to show off in order to 'look cool'. He is often shown posing or adjusting his gloves or shoes. He is also often noted to be impatient and sometimes have a hot temper.

Miles "Tails" Prower:


Miles "Tails" Prower is an 8 year old orange fox whose most recognizable trait is his twin tails. While he was originally teased for them, he has learned to appreciate and love his tails, especially since they have come in handy once joining Sonic the Hedgehog in defeating Dr. Eggman's plans time and time again. Tails is sweet-natured and humble, not one to grab the spotlight for himself, instead ready to help out his friend and idol Sonic whenever necessary. While he isn't the bravest, he has become more outgoing since he has met Sonic, becoming the hero when need be. Regardless, Tails hopes to one day be self-sufficient, and not constantly rely on others, and be just as independent as Sonic.

Dr. Eggman:

Eggman01 32.png

The grandson of Professor Gerald Robotnik, Dr. Eggman was born as Ivo Robotnik. While much of his past remains a mystery, it is known that in his early years Eggman looked up to his grandfather, hoping to one day be as great a scientist as Gerald ever was. It was later on in life that Dr. Robotnik would meet his long-time rival and arch-nemesis Sonic the Hedgehog. While he could be anything, Dr. Eggman has set his sights on the highest prize of them all - global domination. Dreaming of the day he will be able to erect Eggmanland, Eggman tires endlessly at accomplishing this, though his plans are foiled time and again by the blue blur himself, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Unnamed Orb Robot: The mysterious sphere-shaped robot that attacks Tails throughout the game. It resembles an Eggmobile with a black dome covering the top and triangular eyes. In the Boss Acts for Tails' levels, you fight him instead of Dr. Eggman. He is finally scrapped at Cloudy Crowd Zone. Or is he...?


The game plays very similar to the games of the Genesis days. Sonic and Tails have the Spin Dash. Sonic has the Super Peel Out, but not in the form of a figure eight. Tails can fly, much like he did in Sonic 3. There are 3 acts per zone, with the boss having its own separate act. Bonus stages can be accessed at the end of Act 3 for Sonic and Tails (these acts only get you extra lives, not the Chaos Emeralds). Unique to Sonic BtS is the addition of "Time Points", which determine your ending at the end of the game. If you fail to complete the game in under 2 hours, you recieve the bad ending. If you do beat it in 2 hours or less, you fight a bonus boss and recieve the good ending.


Hilltop Heights Zone - The first level of the game, which resembles a combination of Hill Top and Sky Sanctuary.

Star Shores Zone - Tails' first level, which seems to take inspiration from Palmtree Panic. The fuzzies from Yoshi's Island make an appearance, and touching one makes the screen (and Tails) look like it's on acid.

Rocky Ride Zone - Sonic's second level, taking place in a mountainous region. Act 3 has a huge focus on vertical platforming.

Lost Levels Zone - Tails' second level, resembling a mish-mash of the Sonic 2 beta levels, Wood Zone, Hidden Palace Zone, and Dust Hill.

Sunset Star Zone - Sonic's third level, in a city near Titanic Tower at sunset. Act 2 has 2 exits, leading to 2 different Act 3's.

Metro Madness Zone - Tails' third level, in Sunset Star at night. Act 3 has some underwater areas near the bottom.

Fortress Flow Zone - Sonic's main water level. It is unique from other underwater levels in that Sonic receives a permanent Bubble Shield that allows him to perform a double-jump throughout this zone.

Perilous Paradise Zone - Tails' main water level, taking place in some kind of simulated habitat. In act 2, the forest is set ablaze, much like Angel Island Zone's second act.

Titanic Tower Zone - It is a reverse Terminal Velocity, in that our heroes are running up the tower, not down it. It is very vertically oriented.

Cloudy Cloud Zone - Tails' last level, where he gets his new running animation. Takes place in the clouds near the Death Egg.

Arcane Altitude Zone - The last full zone in the game, and the only one without a third act. It's also the only zone where you play as both Sonic and Tails. Very much resembles Death Egg Zone (Sonic & Knuckles) on the inside parts.

Death Egg Zone - It all ends here. A duel with the prototype of one of Eggman's strongest creations.


In the SAGE 2012 version, in addition to a graphical improvement, the game got an original soundtrack composed by the team of Falk, KgZ, Andy Tunstall and Funk Fiction. The soundtrack is widely praised as being one of the best parts of the game, to the point that Jun Senoue has even admitted to liking it. However, the music for the cutscenes and special stages from the 2011 version still remain intact. The soundtrack can be downloaded at the Sonic BTS SAGE 2012 splash page.


  • Due to an unfixable error in the older version of Sonic Worlds that this game runs on, the oxygen supply in Perilous Paradise runs out at normal speed, even if the game is lagging.
  • Because the games cutscenes run on Adobe Flash, there is a chance that the game will crash if it tries to load a cutscene. Thankfully, the cutscenes can be turned off.
  • Mac users have reported trouble with saving the game. LakeFeperd then included a skip level button, mapped to the U key, so Mac users can play all the levels.


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  • Dr. Eggman's boss machines in this game are based off of the visual style of Stunt Race FX characters.
  • Hill Top Zone and Starlight Carnival are hidden levels. Hill Top is accessed by pressing U during the cutscene after the Hilltop Heights boss, and Starlight Carnival is accessed by spamming the U key in Rocky Ride to rapidly skip through the levels, which should end up taking you to the level after skipping the boss act.



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