Sayaka Aoki

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Sayaka Aoki

Sayaka Aoki (あおき さやか, born October 19, 1972) is a female seiyū born in Akita prefecture and raised in Koga, Ibaraki prefecture. She is currently affiliated with Bell Production, previously employed by Production Baobab until November 2011. She used to assume the stage name Shizuka Aoki (青木 静香). Her hobbies are Tai chi, Xing Yi Quan, and Baguazhang. She also has the museum curator qualifications.

She has a very high voice and generally performs characters such as the title role in Sakura Momoko Theater Coji-Coji, and is well known for her portrayals of little girls featured in Bishōjo games and anime. In the Sonic the Hedgehog series, she is the voice of Cream the Rabbit, as well as her mother Vanilla the Rabbit in Sonic X.


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