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The following is a list of episodes produced for the syndicated series Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. They are presented in their original production order, which is significantly different from the order they were aired on television. For instance, the first episode of the show, "The Super Special Search & Smash Squad!" was aired as the twenty-third. The production order is in itself not the correct order to view the episodes, though it is negligible due to the show's self-contained nature. The proper episode order was finally presented in the Shout! Factory DVD releases. This order can be found in the episode template boxes below.

Episode # Episode Title Original Airdate Description
0 "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (pilot)" : N/A A short animation put together to help sell the show. Being not much more then a string of events to showcase Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Dr. Robotnik and his robot henchmen, and what the show could possibly be.

Sonic Sez: Looking before you cross the street.

1 "Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad" : 1993-10-06 Dr. Robotnik has created two new Badniks under the moniker of the "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad" - codenamed Scratch and Grounder. Their full job is to eradicate the devilish Doc's number one enemy - Sonic the Hedgehog! But Coconuts, Dr. R's Monkey robot, tries to capture Sonic before the other Badniks.

Sonic Sez: Calling of 911.

2 "Subterranean Sonic" : 1993-09-16 Sonic and Tails' latest run-in with Scratch and Grounder takes them through a mine. It turns out that the mine is the underground home of a mole and his many diamonds. The two heroes learn the hard way that the mole is very protective of these diamonds and paranoid that others want to steal them. Things only get worse, though, with Scratch and Grounder still in the area and up to no good. Can Sonic and Tails convince the mole they are not his enemies and to free them?

Sonic Sez: Sharing

3 "Lovesick Sonic" : 1993-09-15 It appears to be business as usual when Sonic again gets the best of Scratch and Grounder. However, this confrontation leads Sonic to meet Breezie and love is soon in the air. Unfortunately, Breezie is actually just another Robotnik creation – meaning that the earlier battle was just a set-up. Tails can tell that something is wrong with Breezie, but Sonic refuses to listen to him. Can anything save Sonic before it's too late?

Sonic Sez: Sexual Harassment

4 "Slowwww Going" : 1993-09-28 Dr. Robotnik's finally done it as he's invented a ray gun that's supposed to slow Sonic down for good! Sending the Dumbbots out to do his dirty work, a family of sloths comes under attack from Scratch and Grounder, who use them to lure Sonic into the path of the Doc's new Slow Motion Ray. Sonic is then captured, but saved by Tails when he reverses the effects of the ray and turns it on the sloths, turning them into a high speed fighting force, before turning it back on Sonic!

Sonic Sez: Fast People

5 "High Stakes Sonic" : 1993-09-20 Tails and other Mobius citizens are lured into Robotnik's robotic games of chance, and when they lose they're sent to slave labor camps. Sonic rescues Tails and the others by beating the house in games of chance at Robotnik's Casino, and outsmarting the robots in a climactic chase.

Sonic Sez: Dares

6 "Sonic Breakout" : 1993-11-02 A popular cartoonist Sketch Lampoon is imprisoned in Robotnik's prison. Sonic has a plan, to get captured in the prison cell and then break out and save Sketch Lampoon. But will it work?

Sonic Sez: Graffiti

7 "Trail of the Missing Tails" : 1993-10-01 Five years ago, Robotnik banished his insane cousin Dr. Warpnik to the "Warp of Confusion." Unfortunately, seeking revenge, Warpnik has escaped and in a three Ring bind of sorts he captures Tails, knowing that Sonic will follow Tails, and knowing that Robotnik will follow Sonic! His plan works to a tee, as they all end up trapped in the Warp of Confusion.

Sonic Sez: Remembering your Phone Number

8 "Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind" : 1993-10-20 Sonic and Tails try to help a pair of Aliens repair their ship before The Prince's Baby Brother destroys Mobius.

Sonic Sez: Sunburn

9 "Momma Robotnik's Birthday" : 1993-09-27 It's Momma Robotnik's Birthday and she's broken out of the asylum again to get her birthday present. She seems to hate just Sonic as much as her son, so Dr. Robotnik decides to catch Sonic for her for her birthday.

Sonic Sez: Trees

10 "Big Daddy" : 1993-09-23 While Coconuts is on a permanent vacation, he runs into Boom-Boom, a long-lost Gorilla who thinks that Coconuts is his father. Therefore, Coconuts decides to team up with Boom-Boom to capture Sonic, although Robotnik is controlling Boom-Boom's real father to conquer half of Mobius.

Sonic Sez: Telling parents where you're going

11 "Sonic's Song" : 1993-11-19 Quite a popular singer, Catty Carlisle sings a song about Sonic (showing off his heroic side). This annoys Robotnik to the point that he creates a robot to rid Mobius of all music and kidnaps Catty.

Sonic Sez: Hearing

12 "Birth of a Salesman" : 1993-09-08 To deal with Sonic, Dr. Robotnik gets a new weapons supplier – Wes Weasley. He is all too happy to provide Robotnik with powerful weaponry – so long as he gets paid, of course. Armed with new weaponry, Scratch and Grounder are sent out after Sonic and Tails, but they screw up anyway. Wes assures Robotnik that a new weapon will make all the difference, but each new purchase just damages the Dumbbots and tries the villainous doctor's patience.

Sonic Sez: False advertising

13 "Best Hedgehog" : 1993-09-06 Sonic and Tails learn about the sad story of Lucas and Lucinda. They were once very much in love, but their lives were ruined by Doctor Robotnik. He had wanted Lucinda to be his and didn't take her rejection very well. Lucas spent years imprisoned as a result of Robotnik's sick need for revenge. Now, with help from Sonic and Tails, Lucas has another chance to be with Lucinda. Still, it won't be easy for them to find her and evade Robotnik.

Sonic Sez: Reading

14 "The Robotnik Express" : 1993-09-24 Dr. Robotnik is awaiting Scratch, Grounder and a train shipment of explosive weaponry. Though Sonic and Tails will certainly intervene, Scratch and Grounder do get some unlikely help. Unbelievably, two bear bikers named Mad Mike and Big Griz have confused the two heroes and the Dumbbots with each other. Now, Sonic and Tails find their efforts complicated by Da Bears. Can they convince them of the truth before time runs out?

Sonic Sez: Strangers

15 "Too Tall Tails" : 1993-10-05 Robotnik tries to get Professor Von Schlemmer's growth gun to work, but it explodes and creates a cloud of growth gas! It happens to drift over Tails, who grows incredibly large! In his huge state, he can't help but destroy small (relatively) things - such as towns and people! Sonic has to go get the antidote before Robotnik does "something good for the community" by viciously shooting Tails with a freeze ray.

Sonic Sez: Healthy Diets

16 "Tails' New Home" : 1993-09-07 When Sonic decides to find Tails a suitable foster home, Robotnik finds out and creates a robot fox family which poses as Tails' long lost parents. Sonic leaves Tails with the fox family, but finally realizes they're robots and rescues Tails.

Sonic Sez: Running away

17 "Over the Hill Hero" : 1993-09-13 An elderly, out-of-shape superhero keeps trying to help Sonic battle Dr. Robotnik, and keeps getting him in more jeopardy. Sonic helps the old hero regain his self respect and they team up to battle Robotnik's latest scheme.

Sonic Sez: Elders

18 "Blank-Headed Eagle" : 1993-09-21 When Grounder makes a bet with Scratch that he can catch Sonic first, the robotic chicken orders a build-it-yourself Eagle Copter kit from his favorite TV Show called Edgar Eagle. Scratch fails to catch Sonic as usual while piloting the Eagle Copter, and crashes into a barn in the process. The crash scatters the chicken's brains as he now believes he's Edgar Eagle, earning a turkey fangirl in the process!

Sonic Sez: Seat belt

19 "The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops" : 1993-11-04 There's going to be some sort of fair in Sonic's honor today on Planet Mobius, but Sonic wakes up and finds his shoes gone! He suspects Robotnik, but he can't run without the shoes due to the fact that the friction would tear his feet up, so he has to use detective work.

Sonic Sez: Stealing

20 "So Long Sucker" : 1993-09-29 When the robots rip open a door to an alternate dimension, a mysterious small purple alien blob creature from another dimension falls through into Tails hands and Sonic lets him keep it. The one problem is, the alien will only eat chili dogs! And if it doesn't get them it grows into a huge alien, goes ballistic, and sucks everything up in sight. The alien (now named Goopster) is in constant danger as the robots would find it more useful as a weapon, and are constantly try to capture it. However, Dr. Robotnik steps in, kidnaps it and Sonic and Tails must go to rescue it!

Sonic Sez: Pets

21 "Sonic Gets Thrashed" : 1993-10-19 When Robotnik opens up a resort to make the resident Mobians his slaves, Sonic enlists the help of some robots from an area of Mobius called Scrap Valley.

Sonic Sez: Rubbish

22 "Pseudo Sonic (episode)" : 1993-09-10 Mobius is suffering a crime spree and all the evidence points to Sonic as the culprit. But the real thief is a lab rat wearing a high-tech vehicle suit who was sent by Robotnik to discredit our hero. When Sonic becomes ill, Tails uses the suit to try to be a hero. Sonic has to leave his sickbed and save the day.

Sonic Sez: Poison Ivy

23 "Grounder the Genius" : 1993-09-17 Hacker – a friend of Sonic and Tails – has gotten a hold of a new computer chip from Doctor Robotnik. This chip is capable of vastly increasing one's intelligence, which Grounder finds out firsthand following a confrontation. The once stupid robot becomes a genius and is not going to be taking anymore abuse from anyone. Robotnik and then Sonic learn the hard way that the new Grounder is a formidable foe. Can Tails and Hacker do better, or will someone else have to?

Sonic Sez: Using Your Brain

24 "Tails in Charge" : 1993-10-11 Dr. Robotnik invents a Super Stopper-Zapper that his goons try to use to petrify Sonic. It works, and Tails has to keep Sonic away from Robotnik until he can cure his condition.

Sonic Sez: Open Your Door to Strangers

25 "Sno Problem" : 1993-11-22 Robotnik has invented The Ultra-Freezomatic with his goal to freeze every being on Mobius and place on them little cigarette-patch looking "Servitude Chips" thus giving them complete obedience to Robotnik!

Sonic Sez: Bicycle Safety Check

26 "Submerged Sonic" : 1993-09-09 Robotnik is after the Power Gems from the city of Submerbia in the Labyrinth Zone. After kidnapping the Princess Bubbles, her Merman boyfriend goes to Sonic for help.

Sonic Sez: Shallow Water

27 "Boogey-Mania" : 1993-09-22 Professor Von Schlemmer's new invention can literally bring dreams to life, but Doctor Robotnik is more interested in nightmares. A massive nightmare of his own is soon unleashed upon Mobius and the results are devastating. Despite their best efforts, Sonic and Tails can't handle this one on their own. Instead, they'll have to fight fire with fire to win, which means getting to that invention in Robotnik's fortress.

Sonic Sez: Sleep

28 "Musta Been a Beautiful Baby" : 1993-10-12 Robotnik somehow invents a ray that makes people turn into babies, and shoots Sonic and Tails. However, he also shot himself! An overly hyper baby Sonic, a baby Tails that can speak few words, and the bully-like Baby Robotnik are taken to daycare, where they must go the whole day without a time-out until the effects wear off. Scratch and Grounder use multiple disguises to try and trick the owner of the daycare into thinking they're the kid's parents, but none work.

Sonic Sez: Tumble Dryers

29 "Robotnik, Jr." : 1993-10-22 When Dr. Robotnik builds a robot "son" that looks like him. He finally has a sense of pride, but the pride is soon dashed to pieces when the robot realizes he'd rather be on Sonic's side because "Sonic's nicer."

Sonic Sez: Peer Pressure

30 "Full Tilt Tails" : 1993-11-12 Tails unwittingly steps on a piece of "high-speed gum" that Dr. Robotnik invented and now he can run really super fast! There's just one drawback to his new super speed ability - because unfortunately, once he starts speeding, he can't control himself.

Sonic Sez: Smoking

31 "MacHopper (episode)" : 1993-11-11 When Scratch and Grounder capture a Freedom Fighting Kangaroo named MacHopper, Robotnik comes to realize that Mac may be the only person capable of matching Sonic at his own game, as he brainwashes Mac into doing his dirty deeds! But in the attempt to reprogram his brain an explosion occurs in the lightning storm, causing his reprogramming to change for the worst.

Sonic Sez: Currents and Riptides

32 "Momma Robotnik Returns" : 1993-10-04 Momma Robotnik once again escapes from the asylum and returns to wreak revenge on Sonic, notifying the law that a homeless minor is roaming the streets, and offering to adopt him. The minor you ask - Sonic! The courts forcibly place him under her care even without Sonic's pleas, and she imprisons him in her fortress, using Tails as a shield, locked in her torture chamber, just to keep him against His will!

Sonic Sez: Obeying laws and going to court

33 "Spaceman Sonic" : 1993-11-09 Sonic and Tails stow away on a spaceship built by Robotnik to send Scratch and Grounder into space to grab resources from the Mobius asteroid belt. They all wind up in an abandoned space station which is the home of a purple space monster. The result is chaos...

Sonic Sez: Colds

34 "Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior" : 1993-11-24 Sonic, Tails and Da Bears set off to deliver a truck full of food to a village whose inhabitants are being forced by Dr. Robotnik to build a large statue in his likeness.

Sonic Sez: Medicine

35 "The Last Resort (AoStH episode)" : 1993-10-15 When Robotnik announces his intention to give up villainy, Sonic is therefore forced into retirement, and the offer of an all-expenses-paid adventure holiday from a town's grateful mayor seems like just a thing to relieve his and Tails' boredom.

Sonic Sez: Walking alone

36 "Robotnik's Rival" : 1993-09-29 A half-man, half-duck named Quark suddenly appears with his robot servant in tow, and attempts to oust Robotnik from the villainy stakes. The two attempt to co-operate and defeat Sonic, but rivalry and stupidity mean that they fail and the newcomer is sent back to from whence he came.

Sonic Sez: Cheating

37 "The Magic Hassle" : 1993-10-25 Coconuts acquires a magic wand and a book of spells from Wes Weasley, and attempts to master them and get into Robotnik's good books while the doctor is trying to destroy the Mobius mint before it can release a Sonic banknote, with the ultimate aim of forcing it to produce currency in his own image.

Sonic Sez: Money

38 "Sonic the Matchmaker" : 1993-10-13 Dr. Robotnik tries to capture Breezy (from Lovesick Sonic.) and Robotnik Jr, tries to turn Robotnik Falls into Robotnik Cliffs to cause a drought, and build a robotic wife who can't be drenched by water, But all the while, Junior starts to fall in love with Breezy.

Sonic Sez: Playground Safety

39 "Tails Prevails" : 1993-10-21 One of Tails' inventions catches the eye of the goofy Professor Von Schlemmer, who asks the fox to leave Sonic and become his research assistant!

Sonic Sez: Boredom

40 "Zoobotnik" : 1993-10-08 An intergalactic bounty-hunter comes to Mobius looking for unusual people and decides to catch Sonic. She runs into Robotnik when trying to catch him, and falls in love with him. She arranges for them to be married and hunt for Sonic together, though Robotnik is not too enthusiastic about it.

Sonic Sez: Wild Animals

41 "Attack on Pinball Fortress" : 1993-10-14 In the adaptation of Sonic Spinball for the Sega Mega Drive, Sonic, Wes Weasley and Sergeant Doberman attempt to breach the defenses of Robotnik's new fortress, and none of them can stand the sight of each other.

Sonic Sez: Stupidity

42 "Mass Transit Trouble" : 1993-11-08 Robotnik plants bombs at three of Mobius' centers of transport: an airport, a port and a railway station, threatening to cause chaos unless Sonic can effectively be in three places at once!

Sonic Sez: Bicycle Safety

43 "Coachnik" : 1993-10-18 Robotnik constructs a pushy P.T. robot in an attempt to increase Scratch, Grounder, and later, Coconuts' fitness, and all the while, Sonic tries to use Robotnik's equipment against the Robots.

Sonic Sez: Warming up

44 "Untouchable Sonic" : 1993-11-01 Sonic comes to the rescue of a town as it is held to ransom by a crime syndicate under the control of Dr. Robotnik!

Sonic Sez: Gangs

45 "Super Robotnik" : 1993-11-05 Coconuts knocks a bunch of chemical mixes off a shelf into a vat. Robotnik falls into them and gains super powers as he challenges Sonic to a series of physical tests - and the one who loses the most has to leave Mobius forever!

Sonic Sez: Chemicals

46 "Robolympics" : 1993-09-14 Turtle Town faces complete destruction from an incoming asteroid. Time is running out and Turtle Town's best chance for survival lies with none other than Doctor Robotnik. He really just uses the situation to force Sonic into a new villainous scheme. With innocent lives on the line, Sonic is promptly thrust into the new Robolympic games. Robotnik and his Dumbbots are the only competition, and they plan on using every single game and dirty trick to take Sonic down.

Sonic Sez: Being Active

47 "Magnificent Sonic" : 1993-10-07 After defeating Six-Gun Pete, one of Robotnik's outlaw robots, Sonic is made into a sheriff of Tranquil Gulch and has to defend it from Dr. Robotnik who wants to turn it into Mobius' biggest casino, Gambler's Gulch.

Sonic Sez: Gun Safety

48 "Black Bot the Pirate" : 1993-10-26 The Chaos Emerald mini-series starts off with Robotnik waiting for a good scientist, Professor Caninestein, to finish working on a time machine. Robotnik says he's going to use it to go back in time and steal four all-powerful "Chaos Emeralds of Invisibility, Invincibility, Immortality, and (the Power of) Life." Once he has all of them, he will become The Supreme High Robotnik!

Sonic Sez: Caution with Sharp Objects

49 "Hedgehog of the "Hound" Table" : 1993-10-27 Robotnik and his robots head for the time of King Arfur and the Knights of the Hound Table. Robotnik meets Merlynx the Wizard, who just hands him the Emerald of Invincibility. But holding the Emerald is just half the thing – you need to be king for it to work. So Robotnik takes over the throne and makes Merlynx change Sonic's boots to stone.

Sonic Sez: Swimming Alone

50 "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme" : 1993-10-28 Robotnik and his followers escape from the lions, and head for ancient Mobegypt, when they can find the Emerald of Immortality. Robotnik, of course, knows that Sonic will try to stop him. But Robotnik has apparently got a surprise plan here - he tries to make sure Sonic is never born by preventing the Blue Blur's Egyptian ancestors, Masonic and Penelope, from meeting.

Sonic Sez: Skateboard Safety

51 "Prehistoric Sonic" : 1993-10-29 The Badniks go back to the Mesozoic Era and steal the Emerald of Life, but not before Robotnik kills his Dumbniks to do so by throwing them into the volcano. Sonic is too late to stop him. Robotnik and his morons (who have somehow been resurrected despite getting thrown into the lava) go back to the last three episodes to get the other Emeralds.

Sonic Sez: Eletcrical Appliance Safety

52 "Baby-Sitter Jitters" : 1993-11-11 Sonic and Tails babysit a pair of baby beavers who are at least as much trouble as Robotnik, and get themselves kidnapped at least as often as Tails! Robotnik attacks the heroes while they're pre-occupied, but the twins are ultimately better at seeing off villains than Sonic himself.

Sonic Sez: Babysitting

53 "Honey, I Shrunk the Hedgehog" : 1993-11-18 Robotnik hatches a plan to shrink the sources of all of Mobius' natural resources, and keep them all in his fortress! Hit by his shrink ray, Sonic and Tails must make their way across the doctor's lab and join forces with the residents of the shrunken cities to stop Robotnik!

Sonic Sez: Recycling

54 "Robotnikland (episode)" : 1993-11-25 Robotnik traps Sonic in his death-trap amusement park called Robotnik Land. There Robotnik tortures Sonic and it's his birthday! Can you believe it? Will Sonic escape?

Sonic Sez: Cooking

55 "The Mobius 5000" : 1993-11-17 When Robotnik threatens to close down an orphanage and evict all the poor little orphans, Sonic and Tails enter Caninestein's car design in a race, in an attempt to win the prize money! But the robots, Scratch and Grounder are also competing, and dog Sonic and Tails all the way, until they realize that they may be replaced if Sonic is defeated.

Sonic Sez: Car Safety

56 "The Little Merhog" : 1993-11-26 While fishing, when Tails pulls out a mermaid hedgehog named Merna, its up to Sonic and Tails to save the day when they find out Captain Memo is destroying her underwater city.

Sonic Sez: Matches

57 "Road Hog" : 1993-11-16 Sonic gets a speeding ticket that he can't afford to pay, and has to do labor in a field to make up for it. Meanwhile, he learns of a plan that Robotnik is going to use special pollen that hypnotizes people and makes them do his bidding! Problem is - how can he hope to stop Robotnik if he's trapped doing hard time?

Sonic Sez: Calling for Help

58 "The Robots' Robot" : 1993-12-02 Dr. Robotnik invents a machine that literally implodes everything, he's going to use it to conquer the planet once and for all once he installs the BLAMMO component . . . Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder create a robot out of spare parts that they use to do their bidding.

Sonic Sez: Fire

59 "Tails' Tale" : 1993-12-01 When Sonic disappears from the face of the planet mysteriously, it's up to Tails to locate him with the help of Professor Von Schlemmer and Captain William Le Duc! But a mysterious lost city and unknown doings by Dr. Robotnik may complicate problems. And just what did happen to Sonic anyway?

Sonic Sez: Computers

60 "Hero of the Year" : 1993-12-03 Wes Weasley hosts a roast to Sonic, to give him a Hero of the year award, but what Sonic doesn't yet know is that is all a trap set by Robotnik.

Sonic Sez: Alcohol

61 "Fast and Easy" : 1993-11-30 Robotnik is after Easy Eddie, a pickpocket ferret that took his Chaos Emerald ring that he was going to use to conquer Mobius by flooding it and he wants it back.

Sonic Sez: Breakfast

62 "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted" : 1993-11-15 A parody of the old Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, except about Robotnik and his daily routine of evil - with a twist: especially when Robotnik kidnaps Throbbin Screech's niece! And to top that - Throbbin isn't so much of a good egg himself...

Sonic Sez: Vandalism

63 "Sonic is Running" : 1993-11-23 Robotnik is running for president, and Sonic runs against him to ensure that Robotnik won't win.

Sonic Sez: Tooth Pain

64 "Robo-Ninjas" : 1993-11-29 Robotnik captures a master of martial arts (Kwai Chang Crane by any other name), and steals his knowledge in order to turn Scratch and Grounder into better fighters. The master's pupil comes to Sonic and Tails for help, and the trio then battle the robots for the sensei's freedom.

Sonic Sez: Road Safety

65 "Sonically Ever After" : 1993-11-03 Robotnik invents a ray gun that literally transports Sonic, Tails, and Robotnik's gang into a storybook!

Sonic Sez: Library

S01 "Sonic Christmas Blast" : 1996-12-24 While searching for a present for Princess Sally, Sonic and Tails learn that Dr. Robotnik, posing as Robotnik Claus, has stolen every gift on the planet.


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