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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode #03
"Lovesick Sonic"
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Country: United States
Subterranean Sonic | Slowwww Going

Lovesick Sonic is the 3rd episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic meets a female hedgehog named Breezie and falls for her. However, she is actually a robot created by Robotnik to exterminate Sonic. Tails is the only one that can see her for what she is and has to knock some sense into his friend.

Episode summary

In the opening Sonic hears a female hedgehog crying for help and rescues her from her captors, Scratch and Grounder. He becomes lovestruck by her and she sweet-talks Sonic into doing meaningless tasks around Mobius, such as retrieving rare flowers from a dragon protected area. When Breezie sends Sonic off to the ice territory to pick up a specific brand of chili dog, it's revealed (through a phone conversation between Robotnik and a local Polar Bear) that Breezie is actually a secret agent working for Robotnik, made to distract Sonic while Robotnik uses his new "Egg-O-Matic Tunneller and Town Terrorizer" to tunnel under a nearby village and steal its reservoir water, flooding the village.

When Breezie tosses Tails into a nearby river, Scratch and Grounder arrive to prepare an elaborate trap with Breezie to eliminate Sonic. Tails barely escapes plummeting over a waterfall and tries to warn Sonic that Breezie is actually a robot, but to no avail. When Sonic returns, he begins to fall for the trap, but not before giving Breezie two things that she didn't ask for: a golden heart-shaped locket, and a heartfelt poem describing how he feels about the world.

When Scratch prepares to eliminate Sonic with his sky trap Breezie quickly saves Sonic, leaving Scratch and Grounder to be caught in path of the trap. Breezie confesses to Sonic that she is a robot designed to trick him, and alerts him of Robotnik's plot to flood a village, which Sonic quickly foils by tying up Robotnik's tunneller. Later that day, Sonic receives a letter from Breezie inviting him to "meet down the line".

Sonic Says segment

This episode contains the infamous sexual harrassment Sonic Says short. In it Sonic warns children that they have a right to say no to inappropriate advances and if they are touched in an unlawful way they should report it to people of responsibility.

Kids, there's nothing more cooler then being hugged by someone you like. But if someone tries to touch you in a place or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, that's no good! It's your body. No one has the right to touch it if you don't want them to, so whaddaya do? First, ya say "NO!" Then, ya get outta there! Most important, you gotta tell someone ya trust, like your parents, your teacher, a police officer.

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