Trail of the Missing Tails

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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode #07
"Trail of the Missing Tails"
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Production no.: 238-107[1]
Country: United States
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1993-10-01 $? ?
Sonic Breakout | Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind

High Stakes Sonic is the seventh produced episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and the twentieth to air during its original syndicated run. Sonic has to rescue Tails, who has been taken hostage by Dr. Robotniks cousin, Dr. Warpnik.

Episode summary

The show opens up Robotnik's mysterious cousin, Dr. Warpnik, lamenting his being banished by Robotnik. He vows revenge on Robotnik. The scene cuts to Coconuts who is trying to set a trap for Sonic. Scratch and Grounder each set a trap also. The traps use a chili dog a bait, which immediately grabs Sonics attention. He leaves Tails behind as he runs to grab the chili dog. He triggers Scratches trap which grabs all three villains. Grounders trap is triggered also and all three are crushed by debris. Tails runs after Sonic after he sees a billowing smoke cloud coming from where he was. He falls into a hole and gets captured. Sonic comes to Tails aid shortly after and creates a whirlwind by spinning in a circular pattern. The villains fall into a hole and Sonic and Tails leave.

After a nap, Sonic finds that Tails is missing and heads to Robotnik's headquarters to find him. Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts try to sneak up on Sonic and capture him, but miss him and he gets away. All three villains pursue him as they figure he will be off guard as he searches for Tails. They lose him in a short amount of time and Sonic stumbles into the area where Tails is held captive. It turns out Dr. Warpnik has taken him hostage. Dr. Warpnik tells Sonic the story of how he was banished there for being looney. Robotnik stumbles into the same area and he has a fish fight with Dr. Warpnik. The fight stops when Robotnik is made aware by Grounder that Sonic and Tails are escaping. Sonic easily gets past Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts but has a harder time dodging the creatures created by Dr. Warpnik's weapon. Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts are hit by Dr. Warpniks weapon and grow to a large size. They destroy the control panel for the weapon in an attempt to hit Robotnik. Sonic finally escapes by using his Spin attack and dragging Tails out of that area. The final scene shows Dr. Warpnik and Dr. Robotnik continuing their fish fight.

Sonic Says segment

This episode of Sonic Says teaches the importance of remembering your home phone number. It opens with Tails trying to make a phone call to his home after realizing he may be lost. He can't remember his phone number, but Sonic whispers it in his ear. Sonic tells the viewer to memorize their area code and home phone number and to not wait until it is too late.

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