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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode #06
"Sonic Breakout"
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Production no.: 238-106[1]
Country: United States
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1993-11-02 $? ?
High Stakes Sonic | Trail of the Missing Tails

Sonic Breakout is the sixth produced episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and the forty-second episode to air during its original syndicated run. Sonic has to find Sketch Lampoon, a staff member of the Magazine "Crack Ups", and take him out of Robotniks dungeon.

Episode summary

The show opens up with a delivery truck going by. Tails asks Sonic to pursue it with him as it carries his favorite comic book, "Crack-Ups". Tails takes off with Sonic giving chase shortly after. He beats Tails to the comic stand and buys an issue. Off somewhere else Scratch and Grounder are shown with the same issue. Robotnik boasts of his new inescapable prison called "Robotnik's Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons". Scratch and Grounder find a panel with a caricature of Robotnik that can animate when a button is pressed. They press it and the caricature of Robotnik shatters, which angers Robotnik when he sees it. He demands that Scratch and Grounder track down the author and bring him back.

The author, Sketch Lampoon is taken hostage and it is broadcast over the radio, where Sonic and Tails both hear it. They both head off to rescue him. Sonic decides the only way to get inside the prison Sketch Lampoon is being held at is to get captured. The SSSSS Squad is sent out to get him after Robotnik sees him outside the window. He gets away and puts on a costume before meeting Scratch and Grounder near the edge of a cliff. He convinces them that Sonic took a hang glider and went over the side of the cliff. Scratch and Grounder take another hang glider and jump off only to have it collapse as they are over a body of water. They get out of the water and give chase to Sonic again. He tricks them into running into an anchor covered by sand before turning himself in.

Sonic is lead into Robotnik's Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons where he meets Scratch Lampoon before being led to his own cell in a different wing of the prison. Sonic comes up with a plan to escape by tricking Scratch and Grounder into opening his cell door. As soon as they open the door he pins a poster of himself to the back of Grounder and the security system attacks him instead of going after Sonic. Sonic escapes shortly after and goes after Sketch Lampoon. He dodges several of Robotnik's traps and grabs Sketch. They leave the dungeon together before it crumbles to the ground after Sonic and Tails make the fortress's computer malfunction by activating all the security cameras.

Sonic Says segment

This Sonic Says segment teaches that using a canvas instead of putting graffiti on a brick wall is preferable. It opens with Tails shaking up spray paint cans getting ready to paint a wall. Sonic stops him and brings two canvases and they both paint an image. Sonic paints a human hand while Tails paints a chili dog (with green chili). Sonic states that it is "way past art".

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