Green Light Ride

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" Green Light Ride "
Main Theme, Team Sonic Racing
Vocals: Johnny Gioeli
Guitar: Jun Senoue
Bass: Takeshi Taneda
Drums: Act[1]
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Green Light Ride is the main theme for Team Sonic Racing, performed by Crush 40.


Oh, I can feel it now
Together movin' on
We've got the strength we need
And we're feeling strong!

We'll keep a heavy hand
We’re gonna let it roar
Our eyes on the prize
As we're passing you!

When there's no better feeling
Than to be here with you
With you!

(Look out!)
(Blast off!)

We're all together
On this Green Light Ride! (Blast off!)

Drive through forever
On this Green Light Ride!

We're all... together
On this Green Light Ride!

Green Light, Go!

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