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Team Sonic Racing Overdrive
Studio: Neko Productions
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 2
Original airdate: 2019-03-16 — 2019-04-25
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Team Sonic Racing Overdrive is a cartoon series released for free on YouTube over the course of 2019 as a promotion for Team Sonic Racing.

It was first revealed at the "Gotta Go Fast" Sonic panel at SXSW in March 2019, with the first episode being uploaded to YouTube immediately afterwards. Like the preceding Sonic Mania Adventures, every episode is conveyed without dialogue.


Episode # Episode Title Original Airdate Description
1 "Dangerous Distractions" INT: 2019-03-16 Team Sonic, Team Rose, and Team Dark face off at Wisp Circuit in this first of two parts of a special animation based on Team Sonic Racing! As usual, the diabolical Dr. Eggman seems to have his own plans – can the teams overcome his tricks, or will they find themselves more than a little distracted?
2 "Eyes on the Prize" INT: 2019-04-25 It's Team Dark VS. Team Sonic as the race heats up! From trickery to teamwork, each team is trying their hardest to take the top spot. With the finish line in sight, only one team can take home the victory!


Production credits

  • Directed By: Tyson Hesse
  • Unit Production Manager: Jasmin Hernandez
  • Executive Producer - Neko Productions: Lirit Rosenzweig Topaz
  • Storyboard: Ian Mutchler, Tyson Hesse
  • Art Director / Production Design: Tyson Hesse
  • Art Director Assistant: Daniel Dulitzky
  • Environment Design and Paint: Sylwia Bomba, Daniel Dulitzky, Ilaria Sposetti
  • Logo Animation: Brady Hartel
  • Production Managers: Celina La Flaca, Kathy Schoeppner
  • Technical Director: Or Ofri
  • Animation Services Provided by: Neko Productions
  • Lead Artists: Lukas Romero, Warren Romero, Or Ofri, Isaac Rubio, Tammy Zeitler
  • Artists: Viktoria Aleksandrova, Sylwia Bomba, Jarom Brand, Victor Camargo, Daniel Dulitzky, Frank Gidlewski, Boyan Mishev, Ilaria Sposetti, Kelsey Wooley
  • Production Executive: Toni Pace Carstensen
  • Music Composed & Edited By: Jun Senoue
  • Additional Music Editing By: Evan Hesse
  • Additional Composed By: Audissi Studios
  • Sound Design: Elliot Hunt (Alcheh & Hunt)
  • Audio Mix: Tyson Hesse
  • Executive Producers: Takashi Iizuka, Kazuyuki Hoshino
  • Co-Executive Producers: Ian Curran, Ivo Gerscovich, Hitoshi Okuno
  • Development Manager: Ian Drazen
  • Featured Song: "Green Light Ride" by Crush 40
  • Graphics: Jimmy Lenoir, Petia Koutzarova
  • Special Thanks: Nathan Shabazi, Alan Hadaya, Hannah Motegi, Aaron Webber, Sega of America "Sonic Pillar" Team
  • In Association with: Neko Productions

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