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  • PAL (FR)
  • PAL (DE)
  • PAL (ES)
  • NTSC-U (BR)
Tailsmm title.png
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Tails and the Music Maker
System(s): Sega Pico
Publisher: Sega (US, Europe), Imagineer (Japan), Tec Toy (Brazil)
Genre: Educational: Music
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Sega Pico
1995-12-05[1] ¥4,980[1] T-150050
Sega Pico
1994-10-04 $? 49023
Videogame Rating Council: GA
Sega Pico
1995-12-05 £? ?
Sega Pico
1995-12-05  ?F ?
Sega Pico
1995-12-05 DM ? ?
Sega Pico
1995-12-05  ?Ptas ?
Sega Pico
1995-12-05  ?£ ?
Sega Pico
(Giochi Preziosi)
199x  ? MK 49804-13
Sega Pico
1995-12-05 R$? ?
Sega Pico
199x $? ?
Videogame Rating Council: GA

Tails and the Music Maker is an education game for the Sega Pico starring Miles "Tails" Prower, who uses this game to teach children about music. The object of the game is to learn scales, tempo, rhythm, and about instruments, and then match the music to the instruments. The player may also create their own music. This educational concept is similar to games like Sonic's Schoolhouse.

In Japan, it was released under the Hirameki Mirai Kids label as Unou Kaihatsu Series 7 Tails and the Music Maker (右脳開発シリーズ7 Tails and the Music Maker).


As with all Sega Pico games, the player uses the Magic Pen and directional buttons to solve different puzzles or play mini-games depending on the active Storyware page. In Tails and the Music Maker, there are six pages available.

Tailsmm title.png
Page 1
Animated title screen. The main theme plays as black, red, and yellow notes float around Tails. Clicking on the black note will display the credits.
TailsMusicMaker Pico Page2 MainScreen.png
Page 2
Green Hill Zone is very similar to its appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit). There are waterfalls, chequered hills, and palmtrees in the background.
  • Activity 1 - "Travels With Tails": Directing Tails to the waterfall on the left leads to a simple platforming activity through Green Hill Zone in the summer, fall, and winter. At the top of the screen is a box that shows the player what action they are performing. Tails can stop, tiptoe, jump, or run to avoid falling coconuts from trees, collapsing bridges, and pits that spring him back up. The background music changes depending on the action Tails is performing. Unlike the original and more familiar Green Hill Zone, there are no Badniks, loop-de-loops, slopes, Rings, or spikes. The activity is also fairly slow-paced, and the stage is designed more like that of a more basic platformer.
  • Activity 2: Dragging Tails to the right where the frogs are leads to a game of musical chairs. The player must leap from lily pad to lily pad avoiding the one that is glowing orange. When the music stops, the glowing lily pad disappears.
TailsMusicMaker Pico Page3 MainScreen.png
Page 3
Tails stands in front of a set of platforms that lead up to some sort of musical pinball machine as Dr. Eggman can be seen in his Egg Mobile in the background.
  • Activity 1 - "Percussion Pinball": Percussion Pinball is a music-themed pinball game in which Tails acts as the ball, much like in Casino Night Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The bumpers are shaped like percussion instruments, and upon being hit, they emit the sound of the instrument they represent.
  • Activity 2: This activity emphasizes drawing shapes with the Magic Pen. The player must draw proper circles around the notes slowly bouncing around the clef. When a note bounces, the letter of its key is displayed on the bar at the right side of the screen. When a note is circled, its letter will glow green. To complete the activity, the player must circle all of the notes.
TailsMusicMaker Pico Page4 MainScreen.png
Page 4
Tails stands in front of a wall of music. Coyotes stand atop the nearby hill and howl if touched, and Eggman can be seen if the player knocks on the door.
  • Activity 1 - "The Great Wall of Music": This is a music-themed block breaker game similar to Arkanoid and Breakout. Each block the player hits will play a corresponding note. The game starts off with one row of blocks, and each time the screen is cleared it moves on to a new screen with an additional row.
TailsMusicMaker Pico Page5 MainScreen.png
Page 5
Tails stands on a large music keyboard. The keys are labelled and an image with lots of instruments can be seen. The player can change the tempo of the music.
  • Activity 1 - "Making A Musical Match": The player will be shown pictures of instruments and their corresponding tune. The instruments will then be jumbled up. When the player clicks on the instrument, it will play the tune from another instrument. The player must match the sound to the correct instrument.
  • Activity 2 - "Match That Tone": The player can choose from a range of tunes such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old McDonald Had a Farm and Three Blind Mice. The game will play a few notes, which the player must then repeat.
TailsMusicMaker Pico Page6 MainScreen.png
Page 6
Tails and Sonic stand next to some trees. Clicking on Sonic will cause him to Spin Dash away and back.
  • Activity 1 - "Draw System": The player can draw whatever they want. Colours can be selected by pressing the corresponding icon on the book. Clicking on the character on the left side will add them to the image, and animated scenes can be made.
  • Activity 2 - "The Recording Studio": The player can listen to musical themes associated with each instrument, or listen to tunes from nursery rhymes.


Image upload.svg This instruction manual requires additional or replacement scans.

Production credits

Tails Credits
  • Lead Programmer: Jim Schuler
  • Assistant Programmer: Rick Chipeco
  • Background Artists: Ellen Drucker, Connie Goldman
  • Animators: Martine Gaudissart, Barbara Lipton, Laura Smith
  • Composer: David Scheffler
  • Sound Designer: Greg Turner
  • Developer Coordinator: Cindy Claveran
  • Producer for Novotrade: Shannon Donnelly
  • Project Manager: Ann Lediaev
  • Designer: Shannon Donnelly
  • Product Marketing Manager: Lydia Brichta
  • Sega Technical Assistance: Willie Mancero, Bert Mauricio, Noel Pulido
  • Sega Lead Tester: Greg Becksted
  • Sega Assistant Lead Testers: Fernando Valderrama, Chris Sinclair, Conan Tigard
  • Special Thanks To: Keith Higashihara, Phil Knowles, Bob Meissner, Dave Warhol, Steven Friedman, Joe Miller, Roberta Jacobs, Roger Hector
  • Produced By: Novotrade International Inc.
  • Developed By: Realtime Associates Inc.
Source: In-game credits

Physical scans

Sega Pico, JP
Sega Pico, US
Sega Pico, UK
Sega Pico, ES
Sega Pico, FR
Sega Pico, IT (Giochi Preziosi)
Sega Pico, IT

Sega Pico, DE
Sega Pico, BR
Sega Pico, CA

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Pico
CRC32 982154ab
MD5 3ca902dbeb56a28362fbbfcdcec02d50
SHA-1 807ee1ed88ffdd780754043d836a848864155844
512kB 1994-07 Cartridge (US)
Sega Pico
CRC32 3fd2c406
MD5 a87f5cc9341c3e49e4e1f1fd31e95fde
SHA-1 e44e6f6520b5a9b07ea2f3cadf6114d746897595
512kB 1995-01 Cartridge (EU)
Sega Pico
CRC32 0a9665e7
MD5 5caf6dfba40a7aa7dd9a84a1b464d306
SHA-1 6b5f6e8775188e93a4ff572163c8d3452fe8fe13
512kB 1995-01 Cartridge (JP)
Sega Pico
CRC32 f4ba1e9b
MD5 633579cf6a98ef272704bc76260f11e6
SHA-1 8d77011f2349eb14b51e76c08474817a0f318f99
512kB 1994-06-03 CD-R disc[2] Page
Sega Pico
CRC32 f83ec5e8
MD5 05a1fe5658ccec518061e5d060184aa1
SHA-1 39914965a38350b1bef720d39576d20943e8e4a4
512kB 1994-06-08 CD-R disc[3] Page
Sega Pico
CRC32 17a8af59
MD5 71b38838161d6f5cef54d118c85a317e
SHA-1 e7e69600262eda55a9be6bde248c6f9401d5833f
512kB 1994-06-24 CD-R disc[4] Page
Sega Pico
CRC32 982154ab
MD5 3ca902dbeb56a28362fbbfcdcec02d50
SHA-1 807ee1ed88ffdd780754043d836a848864155844
512kB 1994-07-02 CD-R disc[5] Page
Sega Pico
CRC32 f8246157
MD5 3b9d21b77b1f5b53af4ff8eee210ae0d
SHA-1 4f011b6055e484ddfe81acd03da8fff436b824f2
512kB 1994-07-22 CD-R disc[6] Page
Sega Pico
CRC32 ebbae9ce
MD5 deb8314f65ea6cd37cd19fad4e304e10
SHA-1 02dbbf88a190f6c068d3f4e39488010cd2a2601a
484kB 1994-06-26 CD-R disc[7] Page
Sega Pico
CRC32 beb97cf3
MD5 eaacfbcc9a8c30bee908dbf3c65e521d
SHA-1 3b6b392f5845a61f018d8edb5121b293ab1f32c9
484kB 1994-09-27 CD-R disc[8] Page
Sega Pico
CRC32 57714ba7
MD5 108eabc54f2081f995e4d6e48493c3e3
SHA-1 3dfb122ab384847712dbd3fd41c6509f7d19c363
484kB 1994-10-05 CD-R disc[9] Page


Tails and the Music Maker
Tailsmm title.png

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