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Localisation comparisons

Logos and copyright

TailsMusicMaker Pico USEU SegaLogo.png
US/EU versions
Pico JP Imagineer.png
JP version

Due to the change in publisher, the Sega logo was completely replaced with Imagineer's logo.

TailsMusicMaker Pico US PicoLogo.png
US version
TailsMusicMaker Pico EU PicoLogo.png
EU version
Pico JP HiramekiMiraiKids.png
JP version

Like other European versions of Pico games the European version changes the colours of the Pico Logo and background, and adds the Sega logo above the Pico logo. The Japanese version replaces this screen with the Hirameki Mirai Kids logo, and removes Tails.

TailsMusicMaker Pico USEU Copyright.png
US/EU versions
TailsMusicMaker Pico JP Copyright.png
JP version

The copyright information was updated with a 1995 copyright date for the Japanese release. The text was also shifted down.

Title screen

Tailsmm title.png
TailsandtheMusicMaker Pico FR Title.png
TailsandtheMusicMaker Pico DE Title.png
TailsandtheMusicMaker Pico ES Title.png
TailsandtheMusicMaker Pico BR Title.png


Tails and the Music Maker
Tailsmm title.png

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