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Sky Park Zone
Sky Park Zone.png
Sky Park Zone
Third Zone, Sonic Rivals
Number of Acts: 2 (No boss)
Location: Onyx Island
Level theme: carnival/casino
Colosseum Highway Zone | Crystal Mountain Zone

Sky Park Zone is the third level of Sonic Rivals for the PlayStation Portable. A huge, wooden theme park with spike-fronted rollercoasters and clown-like Badniks, the Zone contains two Acts but is conspicuously missing a boss fight. As with most of Sonic Rivals, the Zone is located on Onyx Island; which is Angel Island from the future, warped to Sonic's time by Eggman Nega.


After defeating the Egg Falcon in Colosseum Highway Zone, Shadow again decides he's suffered his fill of idiocy on Onyx Island, only to receive another transmission from Rouge. Just as the bat is about to divulge important information about "Eggman", the message cuts out; she's been zapped into a card. Shadow immediately takes off to rescue his friend, finding Sonic in Sky Park Zone, who has apparently ended up there following some psychic trickery by Silver.

Meanwhile, Knuckles is again demanding the Master Emerald card from "Eggman", but the disguised Doctor uses the card's power to warp him to Sky Park Zone too. Here Knuckles runs into Silver, and chases after the hedgehog, determined to get back to "Eggman" first. At the end of Act 1, the Doctor makes his first cryptic comments about how Onyx Island is Angel Island... which doesn't make much sense to the echidna - yet.

The Metal Sonic conundrum

In Act 2, all the characters are pitted against "Eggman"'s Metal Sonic. This is intriguing from a continuity perspective, given that it is later revealed this is Eggman Nega giving the orders - not Metal Sonic's actual master, Dr. Eggman, who (during this game, at least) is an enemy of Nega's. On the one hand, the last time we saw Metal Sonic was in Sonic Heroes, where the robot rose up against Robotnik; but on the other hand, the next time we see Metal Sonic, in Sonic Rivals 2, the robot is back to being Robotnik's loyal servant.
Further complicating matters is the fact that, in Rivals 2, it is revealed that Eggman Nega has his own version of Metal Sonic, Metal Sonic 3.0, distinguishable from the original android only in terms of a black-and-yellow paint job. Given Nega's penchant for disguises, some have speculated that the "Metal Sonic" seen in Sky Park (and the rest of Sonic Rivals) is in fact Metal Sonic 3.0.


Against a backdrop of twinkling stars and a vast full moon, Sky Park's sinister amusements are just what one would expect of a carnival dreamt up by Nega. Rickety wooden broardwalks snake alongside garish blue grindrails - that tend more often than not to deposit riders right on top of spike blocks. Neon "Eggman" signs adorn the background, along with monstrously oversized balloons shaped like Tails and Amy heads. Most disturbingly of all; when walking past prize displays, the red stuffed bears will jump out of the background to latch onto the player characters, slowing them down.

Act composition

ACT Sonic Knuckles Shadow Silver
Act 1 vs Shadow vs Silver vs Sonic vs Knuckles
Act 2 vs Metal Sonic vs Metal Sonic vs Metal Sonic vs Metal Sonic


This theme park gone wild is comprised of a thrill-a-minute rollercoaster, complete with twists, turns, loops, drops, and even stuffed teddy bears designed to slow your racer down. Use springs, dash panels, and the strongman platform to propel your character through the atmosphere while staying one speed boost ahead of the competition.

Sonic Rivals US manualMedia:SonicRivals PSP US manual.pdf[1]


Egg Pawn — Eggman's common footsoldier.
Cannon Flapper — Flying grunt, outfitted with homing missiles.
MonoClown — A unicycling clown bot.


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