Egg Kong

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Egg Kong
Game: Sonic Rivals
Hits to defeat: 6

The Egg Kong is the fourth boss of Sonic Rivals. At the end of the Death Yard Zone, "Dr. Eggman" attacks in a giant mechanical gorilla. Metal Sonic is sent to distract the players in the story.

Players must run around the Egg Kong as it fires various projectiles. Occasionally, some will stick to the ground and leave indents that the player can boost off of. Boosting on these sends a missile around the arena which freezes the first player it touches. After some time, "Eggman" will emerge from the head of the Egg Kong in a brain capsule. As he does, he fires an electric blast to the ground which sends out a shock wave. This also leaves him open to attack.

The first player to accumulate six hits wins the battle, and the boss is destroyed.


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