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Death Yard Zone
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Death Yard Zone
Fifth Zone, Sonic Rivals
Number of Acts: 2 + Boss
Location: Onyx Island
Level theme: industrial
Boss: Egg Kong
Crystal Mountain Zone | Meteor Base Zone

Death Yard Zone is the fifth level of Sonic Rivals for the PlayStation Portable. A sprawling industrial wasteland of rust and pollution, the Zone contains two Acts plus a boss fight at the end. As with most of Sonic Rivals, the Zone is located on Onyx Island: which is Angel Island from the future, warped to Sonic's time by Eggman Nega.


It is in Death Yard that Eggman Nega finally casts off his disguise and reveals his true self to Shadow and Silver; although Sonic and Knuckles remain in the dark until the end of the game.

Shadow is chasing down the prochronistic impostor in order to wrest Dr. Eggman's card away from Nega; keeping one eye on Silver as he does so, since the futuristic hedgehog clearly understands better than anyone else precisely what's going on with the Eggman doppelgangers. At the boss, Silver proclaims that he won't allow Nega to abuse the camera's power, and is going to take him back to the future.

Sonic managed to free Tails from his card at the Egg Lynx; Knuckles, rather than being happy for his foxy acquaintance, instead rues the fact that Sonic didn't retrieve the Master Emerald. The two race into Death Yard in order to extract more concessions from "Eggman". At the end of Knuckles' Act 1, the Doctor explains how he made the Master Emerald vanish - "I turned the Master Emerald into a card using my camera by taking a picture of it from the future Angel Island. Since the Master Emerald is a unique object that exists across the time-space continuum... When the future emerald was turned into a card, its existence in all time frames vanished as well." This can't be entirely accurate, since abstracting the Master Emerald from all time frames would mean that Knuckles couldn't have watched it vanish at the start of Rivals; but the effect propagates backwards at least that far. Either way, this property renders the Master Emerald similar to Solaris, in that it transcends the boundaries of time.

As in Sky Park Zone, in Act 2 Eggman Nega sics Metal Sonic on the heroes, boasting that the robot has been improved using the data from the Sky Park encounter. In practice, however, Metal Sonic uses no new tricks this time around.


Possibly representing one of Nega's own factory-city locations, Death Yard is a dystopic ruin of industry gone very, very wrong. Lakes of electric-blue sludge overflow with the runoff from grimy manufacturing complexes, and broken pipes snake across a junkyard landscape of iron oxide cubes and rotting artifice. The air is clogged with brown smog and purple fumes as giant conveyor belts and rusty cogwheels clank amidst the desolation.

Act composition

ACT Sonic Knuckles Shadow Silver
Act 1 vs Knuckles vs Sonic vs Silver vs Shadow
Act 2 vs Metal Sonic vs Metal Sonic vs Metal Sonic vs Metal Sonic
Boss vs Metal Sonic vs Metal Sonic vs Metal Sonic vs Metal Sonic


Death Yard is a dry, deserted wasteland filled with razor sharp spike beds, corkscrews, gaping pits, and Boost hops that must be navigated correctly to stay in the game. These tracks have so many dips, twists, turns, and loops, that dizzy doesn't even begin to describe what your racer will be feeling when he reaches the finish line.

Sonic Rivals US manualMedia:SonicRivals PSP US manual.pdf[1]


Cannon Flapper — Flying grunt, outfitted with homing missiles.
Metal Hound — Metallic guard dogs.


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