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| spritescale=4
| spritescale=4
| game=Sonic Labyrinth
| game=Sonic Labyrinth
| affiliation=[[Eggman Empire]]
| affiliation=Eggman Empire
| hits=1
| hits=1

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Game: Sonic Labyrinth
Affiliation: Eggman Empire
Hits to defeat: 1

The Flowawa (フラワワ)Media:SonicLabyrinth GG JP manual.pdf[1] is an enemy that appears in Sonic Labyrinth, encountered only in the Labyrinth of the Sky Zone 1-3.

They are immobile flower Badniks that spout damage-inflicting spores in all directions from their orange buds. Sonic can easily take them out with a Spin Dash if he is mindful of the spores.


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