Labyrinth of the Factory

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Labyrinth of the Factory
Labyrinth of the Factory
Third Zone, Sonic Labyrinth
Number of Acts: 4
Location: Super Labyrinth
Level theme: industrial
Boss: Needle Man
Non-English names:
Labyrinth of the Sea | Labyrinth of the Castle

Labyrinth of the Factory is the third Zone of Sonic Labyrinth. As with other Zones in this game, Labyrinth of the Factory consists of three standard Acts followed by a shorter fourth Act which contains a downhill slide and the Zone's boss.


An industrial maze with a modern-looking city in the background, this level includes a profusion of gimmicks, including glowing floors that slow Sonic almost to a halt - he can actually walk faster than he can roll on such surfaces. The player can stand on star platforms for a ride, but must dismount quickly upon landing or they're liable to disappear from right under their feet. Standing on flashing squares will warp Sonic to other portions of the stage.

The starting time limits are as follows: 1:30 for the first Act; 2:00 for the second Act; 1:30 for the third Act. The Zone's boss is Needle Man.


High voltage! Test your speed against the magnetic conveyor belts, and dodge power bolts coming from the ceiling. Centipede creatures ricochet around tiny, secret platforms - attack or use the square warp gates to get out of the way. Moving star platforms carry you from maze to maze, but beware - some of these platforms explode, leaving you to plummet to a terrible fate!

Sonic Labyrinth US manualMedia:SonicLabyrinth GG US manual.pdf[4]


Kibaba — Missile turret robots that fire missiles in all directions.
Mukaka — Centipede robots that move together at high speed.


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