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Hi! My main mission is to help expanding web knowledge on the great PS2 version of Sonic Unleashed. I'm trying my best to improve/expand this wiki with highly practical and unexplored information on the "forgotten version" of Sonic Unleashed, but I also do other things. I ultimately want my content to be helpful to Sonic Unleashed PS2/Wii players so that they can finally learn and explore, in a dynamic and useful way, more about their favorite game in one place, as a path for an ultimate gaming experience!

A summary of my significant contributions:
‌Hidden Treasure Ring (ENTIRE) ‌Item Boxes (Sonic Unleashed PS2/Wii) ‌Button (Sonic Unleashed) ‌Template:Items (new items from Sonic Unleashed PS2/Wii) ‌Medals - Sun, Moon Medals (EVERYTHING PS2/Wii) ‌Gaia Gate (MOST) ‌Secret Items - Secret Illustrations, Soundtracks, Movies, Documents (EVERYTHING) ‌Secret Missions (ENTIRE) ‌Template:SUOmni (new things) ‌Levels - PS2/Wii Stage list&details, Secret Items, Eggmanland Boss Stages, continent information, Villager Soundtracks ‌Red Titan (EVERYTHING) ‌Enemies - PS2/Wii info/imgs, quotes, DGF ( . . . all pages in this . . . ) ‌Orbs - Red, Blue, Green Orbs (EVERYTHING) ‌Werehog (Moves PS2/Wii, Unleashed Mode) ‌Red, Red Deep Nightmares (EVERYTHING) Sonic Unleashed Items page (expanded and updated) Heal Ring (EVERYTHING) Sonic Unleashed (some contributions) Dark Energy Key/Force Field (EVERYTHING)

I think this Sonic Unleashed project is kind of finished. Tell me about it in the discussion if you found some aspect of Sonic Unleashed worth covering that I may have missed out, or some other suggestions in regards to unfinished pages!