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<forumuser name="Hanoch" /> Hanoch is a currently a member at Sonic Retro and the SSRG and is a hacker from Israel, who first joined the SCAA forums and asked a lot of questions about hacking. When the SCAA was down, he lurked on Sonic Retro's wiki and the SSRG forums for hacking information and eventually he made an account on SSRG and as well on Sonic Retro, but it was banned due to a massive amount of bad grammar in validation topics.


Hanoch made a few modifications to the Sonic 1 ROM, he didn't know anything about hacking whatsoever. He didn't even know how to build a ROM; fortunately he got help from Irixion and a few nice people over at SSRG which helped him improve his grammar and his asm skills a bit. After understanding how to work with a disassembly, he used the Spin Dash code to create a custom Peel Out and helped a few people with their hacks, but due to a leak that his friend made, Selbi created a tutorial using that code, which led to many events regarding originality and idea stealing.

Hanoch also made a Super Sonic tutorial, but because of the Peel Out drama, he ended up removing it.

After a while, Tweaker messaged him and offered to unban him if he improves his grammar.


Hanoch had a crap palette/asm hack called "Sonic 4", which was intended to be the true sequel to Sonic 3, in the meantime the Sonic 4 Project Fangame (which was eventually renamed to Project: Sonic Retro and then got canceled) was in progress, which also led to the cancellation of his awful game. As of now, he has a newer project, Sonic Reunited, which is a much better hack than the other one. Hanoch is a very skilled ASM programmer, as he managed to create homing attack code (with a bit of help from MarkeyJester), and now he is interested in AI programming (bosses, enemies, cutscenes); he is still trying to understand pixel art (helped by Tidbit and Animemaster), how to port and create custom music (with help of DalekSam and small help from Aquaslash).

Future Plans

Hanoch wants to finish his hack and enter it in the hacking contest on time, after that he will just continue helping people with their hacks and to understand more about the Sonic game engines.