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Irixion (Irix) is commonly known as ErexFox. He does some sonic rom modifications now and then. This mostly includes Sonic 2, but he has some understanding of Sonic 1 as well. He is a very skilled MIDI maker, as well as a music writer. He is also the creator Sonic SMPS Music Archive, Sonic Sanctuary.


Irixion came into the community in December of 2004. Originally known as rahim. Being a newbie, he was very excited; however, his grammar and spelling was noticeably below par, and this was glaring added to his post frequency. As a result, he got himself banned from SWS2B (now Sonic Retro). People did not know that English is Irixion's third language.

Still not giving up, Irixion retreated and started lurking around under a different identity, learning the "tricks of the trade," and trying to obtain as much knowledge as possible. He also wanted to get his English better, which was another reason he didn't, jump back in and start posting. Tweaker, who had caught him a few times for ban-dodging, was merciful enough to give him one last shot, and so Irixion used to be a full member on the Retro forums, but due to some conflict within the community got himself into a Trial Membership once again. Determined as ever to make his hacking dreams a reality, Irixion tries to get himself together, and wants to become a respected member in the community. Irixion persuaded Tweaker to let him be a full member, and Tweaker happily put him back into member status.

By the end of October of 2009, Irixion decided that enough was enough, and officially left the community. Near the end November, he returned to give another try at his hacking adventures!


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