Sonic: Super Deformed

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Sonic: Super Deformed
Version: ???
Last release: ?/??/11 (private beta only)
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
Credits: Hitaxas, CarrascoZX0, Hanoch, Master Emerald

Sonic: Super Deformed (sometimes referred to as "SSD") is an assembly hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive, led by Hitaxas and Team Speedway. The game features the ability to play as a few different characters, Sonic , Shadow and Knuckles. A recoding of the original game, along with new art (such as new sprites), music, abilities and layouts are in Sonic: Super Deformed.

A demo release of October 5th, 2009 was considered. Team Speedway wanted to finish a decent portion of the game, along with heavy beta testing BEFORE the release. Sadly, due to a hard drive hiccup, the demo plans were scrapped. However, there were also plans for a release before the end of the 2009, however those were canceled due to the fact that the game has not been worked on.

What's New?

  • Multiple Characters (Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles)
  • Super Forms for each character
  • Sonic CD Spin Dash (Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles)
  • Jump dash (Shadow & Sonic only)
  • Stomp Attack (Sonic only)
  • Super Peelout (Sonic only)
  • Homing attack (Shadow & Sonic only)
  • Sonic Boost (Sonic only)
  • Hyper forms (99% completed)
  • Glide (Knuckles only)
  • Wall climb (Knuckles only)
  • New level art, palettes and names
  • New Sprites, in Chibi style (Currently being made)
  • New art, including enemies
  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles style end level poses <- was in S1 version, And now in the S2 version, using a port of the S3K routine.
  • Edited Sonic 1 sound driver, with custom DAC
  • New Music (some ports too)
  • New Level art and Layouts (Summer Shoreline Zone, Torrent Tower Zone, Frosty Falls zone)
  • Fire, Lightning and Bubble shields from Sonic 3, along with new, exclusive shields, such as the Leaf Shield!
  • Attracting rings from Sonic 3.
  • Different music for each zone and act
  • Hitaxas' updated Sonic 2 engine. (Slightly tweaked game physics)
  • Ported Objects from S1
  • New Objects (Enemies and bosses)
  • New options, allowing the player to chose his gameplay mode (SSD, S3K, S2 or S1...maybe even some unlockable ones)
  • New title screen


Dr. Robotnik, an evil genius with an IQ of 300, has once again rose to take over the Earth. This time, he has used one of his most evil inventions of all: A machine that can turn anything into a child, which has turned his greatest rivals, Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles into children!

Unexpectedly, the very device the Doc used upon his enemies blow up! Causing Him and the Hedgehogs to be thrown to different parts of Mobius.

Once again, the two hedgehogs team up to thwart Robotnik's attempts. As before, Sonic and Shadow will have to dodge deadly obstacles and enemies in order to stop this nefarious genius.

Unfortunately for the Doctor, Neither hedgehog has forgotten a single attack or move they have ever learned, which could spell trouble for anything in their way!

This adventure starts in Summer Shoreline, where the Hedgehogs landed, conscienceless ...



SD sonic.png

A cut-loose hedgehog with super speed. He is 16 years of age and lives on planet Mobius. He is always adventuring and looking for a challenge. He is pretty carefree and relaxed, although, he despises injustice and wrong-doing. He will help those in need, and will stop at nothing to help them.


Sd shadow.png

Created by Professor Gerald Robotnik while the professor was aboard the Space Colony ARK. Nobody knows his age, but it is suspected he is around 50 years old. He once plotted for revenge, but he has mellowed quite a bit since then, after learning who he is. He is not too social, but he does team up with Sonic and his pals when trouble emerges. Shadow can use the power of the chaos emeralds to alter space and time.


  • Left: Move character to the left (never thought of that, huh?)
  • Right: Move character to the right (Fancy that =O)
  • Up: Look Up (this can be useful... sometimes.)
  • Down: Duck (required to do Spin Dash, or avoid getting hit)
  • A: Jump or Stomp attack
  • B: Jump or special move
  • C: Jump or special move
  • Down + B or C: Spin Dash. Roll up into a ball and shoot off at the speed of light (more like $800 to $C00... but it is still fast)
  • Up + B or C: Super Peelout. Character will rev their feet in an infinity sign, then shoot of at a blazing speed similar to spindash.

Special Moves


SSD mode moves:

  • Jump + Jump: Jump Dash: Sonic will dash forward in the air, destroying all objects in the way.
  • Jump + Jump near an enemy or monitor: Homing attack: Sonic will shoot off in a ball, destroying any enemy or monitor he comes in contact with
  • A (in air): Stomp Attack: Sonic will fly to the ground, killing any badnik that might be in his way.
  • Up (held)+ B or C: Super Peelout: Sonic revs his feet in a figure 8 and blasts of at intense speeds.
  • Jump + B or C When near a wall: Wall grab! Sonic will slide down the wall, so be sure to jump off the wall at the right time, when you reach another wall, press B or C again to grab it.

S3K mode moves:

  • Jump+Jump: Instashield: This move creates a burst of electric energy around Sonic, Increasing his attack range for a slight second!

Special "moves":

  • Super Sonic: With all Chaos emeralds and 50 rings, Sonic will turn flashing yellow colors and become invincible.
  • Hyper Sonic: Through a special event, Sonic will turn multiple flashing colors and become invincible.

When in Super form:

  • Jump + Jump + D-pad : Super double jump : Controllable double jump

When in Hyper form:

  • Jump + Jump + D-pad: Hyper Flash jump: Similar to Super double jumo, However this attack will generate a flash of light from Hyper Sonic, wiping all enemies off the screen.


  • Jump + Jump: Jump Dash: Shadow will dash forward in the air, destroying all objects in the way.
  • B: Chaos Control: Shadow will fly forward at neck breaking speeds (this requires at least 5 rings, but can be done in air or on the ground)
  • Super Shadow: The same as Super Sonic...only, he is Shadow.
  • Hyper Shadow: A faster, much more powerful form.

While in Super form:

  • Chaos Blast: Destroys all the enemies on the screen, as well as depletes 25 rings from the ring counter.

While in Hyper form:

  • It is unknown what abilities Shadow has in this form. It will be up to the player to figure that out.


Jump + Jump: Glide: Knuckles will slowly descend in air, killing enemies he glides into, and clinging to any wall he comes in contact with. Glide + wall: Climb: Knuckles can scale walls using the Up and Down buttons

While in Super Form:

  • No information is available

While in Hyper form:

  • Glide + Wall: Hyper wall shake: Upon contact with a wall while gliding, the screen will shake, killing all enemies on the screen.


  • Normal: This item protects a character once from direct enemy contact. It also reflects projectiles.
  • Fire Shield: This item protects a character from the heat of fire, allowing them to walk on lava. It also reflects projectiles.
  • Bubble Shield: This amazing item allows a character to breathe underwater. It also reflects projectiles, except buzz bomber bullets.
  • Lightning Shield: This shield attracts rings towards a character. It also reflects projectiles.
  • Leaf Shield: A powerful shield that originated from another world. It also reflects projectiles, except buzz bomber bullets.
    • NOTE: This item is very rare.

Shield Actions

  • Fire Shield: When in the air with a fire shield, pressing A, B, or C will send a character flying forward in a blaze of fire.
  • Bubble Shield: When in the air with a bubble shield, pressing A, B, or C will send a character towards the ground, and thus bouncing them from the ground as well.
  • Lightning Shield: When in the air with a lightning shield, pressing A, B, or C will send a character up into the air, allowing them to reach places they could not reach otherwise.
  • Leaf Shield: This shield will kill any enemy or monitor that touches it. It's effects allow up to 3 objects to be destroyed, after that the shield will disappear.

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