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<forumuser name="Selbi" /> Selbi is a German scener and a member on the Sonic Retro forums. He is a Pro User on the Sonic Stuff Research Group forums.


Beginnings at SSRG (2007-2009)

Selbi's original join date is near the end of 2007. However, at that time he wasn't more than an arrogant kid with incredibly bad English skills. This quickly designed him to be a foolish kid, so he didn't get validated at all, but banned.

Because of that, about half a year later (in June 2008), he joined the SSRG. However, his attitude and English skills didn't really improve to this point, meaning he still was that arrogant kid from Sonic Retro.

This was only proven by releasing a hack called Sonic 1: Project 255 on August 2008. This hack was nothing but a combination of Sonic 1 Harder Levels Version and the very first Sonic Megamix. If the administrators wouldn't had so much mercy (mainly Qjimbo), Selbi wouldn't be here today, because he was banned for two months.

His patience was eventually his pay-off, because when he returned, he was much more careful, less arrogant and also started learning ASM programming for real.

On Sonic Retro (2009)

Selbi holds the official record of validation requests on Sonic Retro (at least from those people, who eventually got approved), with a total of 9 tries split over 5 different accounts. Ban dodging and his general stupidity in the beginnings were the reason.

But on June 2009, which was excactly one year after he joined SSRG, he finally showed to be no longer an idiot and got approved.

Becomming a scener (2009-2011)

With his validation on Sonic Retro, Selbi's way of becomming a good scener was set. He tried to get to know many different people and did his best at creating tools and further improving his ASM skills, eventually creating his own hack, Sonic ERaZor. It recieved a lot of positve and mixed feedback, which is why Selbi continued working on said hack for over two more years.

Selbi never tried to do much in the areas of art and music. He always thought of himself to just not having that certain sense and therefore focused on programming. His main areas were Visual Basic .NET, PHP and obviously ASM. Helping people and creating tutorials was also one of the main things he did at that time. Additionally, he also was (or still is) in a good number of hacking teams, including Team ZX, Harder Project and Masochistic Maniacs.

As time passed (2011-2013)

With the completion of his hack, Selbi wanted to tone things down a little. He no longer wanted to work on his own hacks, and instead focus more on team projects or homebrew games. Utilities and tutorials are also still on his schedule, as well as giving personal help to people (PM or via IRC).

Originally he wanted to quit ASM programming entirely, because he felt like the entire scene was falling apart due to lack of interest and therefore less people creating new work (he claimed it to be a vicious circle). This however turned out to be wrong and so Selbi stayed.

Selbi was on a Sonic scene hiatus because he had a lot of personal life things to deal with at the time and some issues with then recent events and people. It was unsure when or even if he would return.

Today (2013-present)

After a few months, Selbi slowly returned to the scene. Reluctantly at first, he's now fully involved again, being a Staff Consultant on SSRG and also a frequent member of the #SSRG IRC channel on BadnikNET. Since then, he has created two more short hacks, Sonic MBV and Hedgehog Abuse Simulator.





  • Sonic 1: Project 255 - His first public hack with stolen content. (See here here)
  • Sonic 1 - Hardcore Terror - Discontinued beginner's hack (Link to the only available ROM)
  • Sonic Extreme Gore Edition - Attempt to make a Sonic game with blood, violence etc. Cancelled before anything but a few sprites were done. (
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