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Sonic Compressed Art Archive
Current owner(s): Ollie, JcFerggy, Shadow Fire
Type of site: Compressed Art Resource
Created on: 2006
Current status: Offline

The Sonic Compressed Art Archive (or SCAA) was a site dedicated to compressed art and sprites. The site is for use with hacking, those who don't have the time or the skill to do art, and/or those who want to contribute their own art.


The existence of SCAA started with a member known as JcFerggy. After being taught to do compressed art by another member known as Irixion, he started contributing his compressed art into the Sonic Community. Afterwards, he made his own Freewebs website with little amount of art but became a good resource for most hackers. Through time, he had his own forums to host his art and afterwards, found another member known DNXDelta. With the two of these members, they contributed more into the forums.

It wasn't long until they found another server with no ads and made this their next domain for compressed art. This forum then received more visitors and new members from the Community. However, the forums did not last long as the server was down, thus, resulting in another move. After several moves, a site known as The Glowing Bridge came into existence and the owner known as Qjimbo offered the two a new server and made this a public site. Afterwards, the two have found a third member known as Unspoken. Ever since the three accepted this offer, there had been significant amounts of updates and compressed art.

After Qjimbo shut down The Glowing Bridge, the SCAA was hosted on Sonic Retro. The run lasted from December 2007 until August 2008, when it closed down. There were plans to reopen it on the Sonic Retro wiki where only members could download the content. However, that concept did not go ahead, and one reason was that the archive promoted laziness.


The site contains many sections, whether it's compressed art, hacking tools, locations, FAQs, or custom art (contributed by other people throughout the entire community). The staff of SCAA consisted of JcFerggy, DNXDelta, Unspoken, and Shadow Fire. Art requests were also available to those that don't have skills, those who don't have time, or those who want ideas.

The Return

While in a conversation with JcFerggy, Ollie asked for permission to remake the Sonic Compressed Art Archive, since DNXDelta has left the Sonic Community, JcFerggy agreed with the idea and Ollie soon started to try and recover much art as possible as well as set up a forum. In a conversation, somebody said that Shadow Fire had a backup of all the art on the forum. Ollie soon got in contact with Shadow Fire over MSN and started to download the backup through the File Tranfer function, but due to ShadowFire's connection the File Transfer stopped. In the early hours of the 16th of February Ollie got back in contact with ShadowFire and received the backup. The SCAA website was restored on the same day, in the afternoon. Right now, however, it's offline.