Sonic the Hedgehog: Dice Rush

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Sonic The Hedgehog: Dice Rush
Publisher: Sega, IDW Games
Number of players: 2-4
Age: 8+
Playtime: 15-20 minutes
Region Date License RRP Code
SP 2019-08 Gen X Games €19,95 CP201418

Sonic The Hedgehog: Dice Rush is a tabletop game about making dice rolls, getting Zone cards, and scoring points by combining those two elements, to build the best level ever in Sonic's history, according to the game manual.

The game was published by Sega and IDW Games in 2019. In Spain, it was released under license of Gen X Games.


The main focus of this game is in rolling your dice again and again until you get satisfying results, but you must do it quickly since all players are rolling their dice at the same time, often to achieve the same goal. If you're lucky, you'll manage to claim the Zone card you wanted before anyone else, or choose the next best option if not. You'll not be very happy if you're the last player to get a card, as you'll be able to roll your dice only once more after everybody else has got their trophy. Players then check if their rolls meet the criteria on the card they claimed to score points from it, and use any remaining dice with a six on them to defeat Badniks in their scored cards if those are present, or put their card face down if they failed to score. Players place Flicky tokens on destroyed Badniks to earn extra points at the end of the game, or leave them visible and lose points from them instead. Rinse and repeat until the end cards appear, which mark the last round of the game; after that, the player with the highest score wins. Players must put Zone cards they claimed forming a row in front of them, as if they were designing a level for a Sonic game.

There are four characters present in this game, Sonic, Amy, Tails, and Knuckles, each one with an exclusive skill to help a player with their rolls. The game uses one of two possible Zone card decks, labeled as "Act 1" and "Act 2". You don't have to play both in a single game, but each one features a different gameplay style, Act 1 designed a lighter mode, while Act 2 applies more pressure to the players, usually requiring more rolls to meet the criteria on the Zone cards and applying a bigger punishment if you can't aim for the best. End of Act cards are placed at the bottom of each deck to mark which is the last round, Act 1 ending in cards with a Signpost, while Act 2 ending in cards with the boss on them.


Like its predecessor, Sonic The Hedgehog: Crash Course, this game has a classic Sonic design and uses Green Hill Zone as its level theme. Box and character cards feature well-known classic artwork, while Zone cards use pixel art extracted from the most reused Zone in Sonic's history, including everything like rings, spikes, badniks, monitors and lamp posts. End of Act 2 cards feature a front view of the Death Egg Robot (GHZ boss in Sonic Mania), also in pixel art and divided in separate parts for those four cards. Tokens have pixel art from a just released Flicky on them too. Fonts used in the cards are also extracted from the games, with the main one coming from Sonic 2. Along with the classic artwork, the box, instruction booklet and character cards also have the kind of style Sega uses for classic Sonic products of many kinds. The box is made of metal.


  • 68 cards
  • 21 six-sided dice, along with their own bag
  • 16 tokens, also with a bag for them
  • The instruction manual.

Edition notes

  • While the box says "Collector's Edition", there isn't a "standard" edition of the game; this is just a label commonly found in classic Sonic merchandise.
  • The back of the box indicates lower numbers of cards and tokens than the game really has. The booklet, on the other hand, indicates the right quantities.
  • Possibly only in the Spanish edition, the End of Act 1 cards don't feature the back they're meant to have, and use the one from standard Act 1 cards instead; this is no issue, however, as the front of these cards have all the info that could have been found in their appropiate back.

Production credits

  • Game Design: Jonathan Ying
  • Art Direction: Spencer Reeve
  • Graphic Design: Marconi Torres
  • Edition: Ryan Jones
  • Product Development: Jerry Bennington, Ryan Jones and Spencer Reeve
  • Product Manager: Shauna Monteforte
  • Testers: Gary DeVault, Breeze Grigas, Paul Grimm, Elizabeth Lapidow, Taylor Lewis, Teresa Mendivil, Robert Rappoport and Victoria Ying
  • Special Thanks to: Kerry McCluggage, Ted Adams, Greg Goldstein, Robbie Robbins and Ross Thompson
Spanish version
  • Translation: Servando Carballar
  • Layout: WAH! Studio
Source: Instruction booklet creditsMedia:Sonic Dice Rush booklet sp.pdf[1]


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