Sonic X-treme (Point Of View)

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Sonic X-treme
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Point Of View
Genre: Action
Status of prototype(s): Prototype dumped

The Point Of View (POV) iteration of Sonic X-treme (or "Sonic Extreme") is a version of the game developed by third-party studio Point Of View. Sega of America contracted this group to port Ofer Alon's game engine from the PC to the Sega Saturn (despite the fact this was already being done). Progress was made, but the project stopped at the demands of then-president of Sega, Hayao Nakayama.

The POV iteration of X-treme, as seen in the 1996-07-14 prototype.

As Ofer Alon and director Chris Senn continued to work on their version of the game, the POV version can be seen as an unsuccessful branch of the Sonic X-treme story. The 1996-07-14 prototype is the only known surviving build of this iteration of the game, and suggests that that it got to a state where you could move Sonic around an unfinished version of Jade Gully, but it is not expected to have progressed much further.


Sonic X-treme
SonicX-treme Saturn Title.png

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