Sonic X-treme (prototype; 1996-07-14)

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Sonic X-treme (prototype; 1996-07-14)
Prerelease of: Sonic X-treme
System: Sega Saturn
Build date: 1996-07-14
Source: CD-R disc

The 1996-07-14 build of Sonic X-treme is a prototype build of the cancelled Sega Saturn game, Sonic X-treme (referred to as Sonic Extreme here). It was built on the 14th July, 1996, and is a prototype of the engine being built by Point of View (POV) for the game's normal stages.


This version of Sonic X-treme sees the player control Sonic in an incomplete version of Jade Gully. The camera has a fixed perspective, and Sonic can be moved along the X axis with Left and Right, and along the Z with Up and Down. C causes him to jump. Invisible boundaries attempt to stop the player from jumping off scenery into the abyss, but it is still possible to do so, and no protection exists on the left or right hand sides of the playfield.

Sonic can pick up rings dotted around the level (increasing a counter in the bottom right (which incidentally can never decrease)), and can interact with two enemies. If Sonic collides with an enemy while jumping, it will disappear, otherwise Sonic will drop a batch of rings (even if he hasn't collected any). Spikes exist as part of the level geometry but have no effect on Sonic, nor does water or curious red boxes which may have been envisoned as springs. Sonic's disembodied head also appears in a couple of locations but does nothing.

Jade Gully is positioned on top of an endless blue checkerboard pattern, which if touched will lock Sonic onto either the X or Z axes and disable jumping (essentially soft-locking the game). The demo can be reset at any time by pausing with Start then pressing A. Due to the way the level is constructed, Sonic is likely to fall down holes and get stuck, so navigating the whole stage by conventional means is quite difficult.

A free movement mode can be activated by pausing with Start and pressing B, allowing the user to see the whole of the level. C and Z can adjust the Y axis in this mode, but it is impossible to return to "normal" play without resetting the game. While Sonic is turned into a ring sprite with this mode enabled, it does not function like edit mode in the previous 2D Sonic games, i.e. you cannot place objects around the map.

No goals have been programmed, nor is there any audio.




Sonic X-treme
SonicX-treme Saturn Title.png

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