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Unused content


Audio Description
The Special Stage clear jingle. Unused as Chaos Emeralds cannot be collected in the Special Stages in this build.
An unknown jingle, which would go unused even in the final.

Special Stage

SonicChaos713 SMS SS1 Start.png

The Special Stages cannot be accessed in this build as their entries have been removed from the level select, and collecting 100 Rings still won't transport the player to them. To access them, set memory address 0xD295 to any value between 08 and 0C.

Build date

Similar to other games developed by Aspect, the following build date can be located at ROM address $C0, which has been left unchanged from the 06-30 prototype:

MS SONIC¥THE¥HEDGEHOG.3 Ver0.20 1993/06/30 @SEGA/Aspect Co.,Ltd


Sonic Chaos (Master System prototype; 1993-07-13), prototype version of Sonic Chaos
SonicChaos713 SMS TitleScreen.png

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