Screw Kick

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Screw Kick
First seen: Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)
User: Rouge the Bat
Type: Attack

The Screw Kick (スクリューキック) is a move performed by Rouge the Bat. It is a variation of Rouge's kick attacks that involves multiple kicks into the air. To date, the only game to feature the move is Sonic Adventure 2 and its re-releases.


The Screw Kick is performed by rotating the Control Stick in a 360-degree motion while Rouge is on the ground, then pressing the Action button. Rouge will then leap upwards into the air with more height than a regular jump, kicking whatever is above her. This can be used to take out enemies or containers that are directly above her. Like with Rouge's other offensive moves, the Screw Kick can be upgraded to break steel containers with the Iron Boots.

Knuckles' version of the move is the Spiral Upper.

In other media

Sonic X

Rouge has performed the Screw Kick multiple times in the Sonic X anime series. In such cases, the move has been depicted as Rouge jumping into the air and spinning her body in a tornado-like motion, and is shown to be one of her most powerful attacks, however there are drawbacks - the attack can be interrupted if Rouge loses her focus, and it has not been effective against exceptionally powerful foes such as the Metarex. The first time she used the move was in "Fly Spy", where she used it to destroy E-70 Noizi.

Emerl copied the move from Rouge to destroy the Egg Spider in the episode "Sewer Search". Whenever Emerl used the move, only his legs would spin like a drill rather than his whole body.