Iron Boots

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The Iron Boots are an upgrade available to Rouge the Bat in Sonic Adventure 2. They attach to her boots, allowing her kicks to break not only wooden crates, but steel crates as well. Black metal crates are still unbreakable, however.

Ironboots sa2.png
  • Purpose: Allows Rouge to smash steel containers via kicking, Drill Drive, or Screw Kick.
  • Location: Mad Space. In the Dreamcast version, go down to the red-lighted launch pad. It will be the only one without a steel container over the switch. The rocket will take you to the Capsule Planet. From there, fly over to the Spherical Planet. The Iron Boots will be in the little house. In the GameCube version, head straight to the yellow-lighted launch pad that will take you directly to the Spherical Planet. The Iron Boots are in the same place.
  • Requirements: None, except that the Pick Nails are incidentally needed to get to this point in the story.
  • Required For: Nothing on Dreamcast; there was an intent for it to be required along with Mystic Melody en route to completing the 3rd missions of Dry Lagoon, Egg Quarters, and Mad Space, along with the final missions of Egg Quarters and Security Hall. However, all of these can be circumvented. On GameCube, the Mystic Melody can't be skipped in the 3rd mission of Mad Space, and so neither can the Iron Boots.
  • Equivalent: Knuckles' Hammer Gloves.


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