Rolling Mode

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Rolling Mode
First seen: Sonic Adventure (1998)
Users: E-102 Gamma, Chaos Gamma
Type: Movement

Rolling ModeMedia:SonicAdventure DC US manual.pdf[1]Media:SonicShuffle DC US manual.pdf[2], known as Henkei (変形Media:SonicAdventureInternational-JP-DC-Manual.pdf[3]Media:SonicShuffle DC JP manual.pdf[4]) in Japan, is a move used by E-102 Gamma. It is a means of mobility in which he transforms from an upright walking mode to a compact wheel mode for extra speed.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure

In Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, Gamma will switch to Rolling Mode when he travels at full speed in the same direction with the Analog Stick for long enough. In this state, Gamma's maximum movement speed will change, and will remain in this state until the player presses A to jump and returns to the standard walking mode. If Gamma moves over water, he will change into a hovering version of this mode, then switch to Rolling Mode when he moves to dry land.

Sonic Shuffle

In Sonic Shuffle, Rolling Mode is Gamma's Special Movement Ability. If he plays a 4, 5 or 6 during his turn on the board, he will transform into this mode, and will not lose Rings if he lands on a Minus Ring Space.

Sonic Battle

In Sonic Battle, Rolling Mode is known as Drive Mode, and is a dashing skill used by Chaos Gamma. When used, Gamma travels across the floor at an increased speed for a few seconds. If Emerl acquires this skill from a fight with Chaos Gamma, he can also use this skill when equipped, however unlike Gamma he will somehow roll along the ground on his knees. E-121 Phi robots that copy Chaos Gamma's moveset can also use this skill.