Prefect Charyb

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Prefect Charyb
Game: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Level: Nocturne
Hits to defeat: 700HP
Fought by: Sonic + Tails's party

Prefect Charyb is one of two twin commanders of the Nocturnus Clan army encountered in Chapter 10 of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and a sub-boss in the Nocturne fortress. The character is based is thought to be based on Charybdis, a sea monster in the Greek Mythology.

Like his counterpart, Prefect Scylla, Charyb is a Gizoid - a class of mimetic robots used by the Nocturnus as advanced soldiers. His name presumably relates in some way to the Twilight Cage's Sector Charybdis.

Charyb is distinguished from regular Gizoids by being blue as opposed to beige. When Sonic and friends land the Cyclone on the Nocturne at the start of Chapter 10, Charyb and Scylla mockingly inform the heroes that they hold the last two stolen Chaos Emeralds, before the two Prefects flee to their respective redoubts. Sonic and Tails's group pursue Charyb towards the northwest.

Boss Battle

The Prefect's lair is underwater, and in this environment Charyb is essentially untouchable in combat. Attacking is futile as attacks will only do a measly 1 HP damage, usualy missing entirely, regardless of your stats. At 700HP, plus the ability to regenerate, plus a devastating offensive special move, Mighty Slash, the best Sonic's party can do is hold out for three rounds before the battle custom-exits to Knuckles and Shade's team. The echidnas find a valve which drains the water from Charyb's holdout, allowing Sonic's team a chance to fight the Prefect on equal footing.

With the water gone, POW moves can now be used. Charyb has the standard elemental susceptibilities of other ground robots in Sonic Chronicles: namely water and earth attacks.


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