Dr. Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble boss)

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Dr. Eggman
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Dr. Eggman
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble
Level: Atomic Destroyer Zone
Hits to defeat: 10 (first phase)
17-34 (second phase)
8 (final phase)

Dr. Eggman is the final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble, appearing shortly after a battle with Metal Sonic in Atomic Destroyer Zone. Holding the final Chaos Emerald in his possession, the Doctor has many unnamed machines to throw at Sonic or Tails in an arena he's prepared specially for them...


First phase

After Metal Sonic is knocked out of the fight, Fang the Sniper briefly shows up. Presumably he is in Atomic Destroyer Zone to steal the final Chaos Emerald (the one in Dr. Eggman's possession), Fang turns and flees on catching sight of Eggman's armored pogo-mech; leaving the player to face the Doctor one-on-one. This machine doesn't put up much of a fight, as all it can do is bounce back and forth on its pogo mechanism, and explodes after a mere 10 hits. The player simply needs to avoid being trampled on until it is destroyed.

Second phase

Eggman proceeds to bring out a significantly more dangerous contraption outfitted with a flamethrower that hovers above the player and spews jets of flame all over the place. The flamethrower attachment is relatively easy to hit by jumping into it, but the player has to watch out for when it fires. After 16 hits, the flamethrower will detach from the mech and self-destruct on the ground. The explosion from the attachment spreads across the floor and can still cause damage to the player.

Eggman then brings in a second weapon: an electrical cannon that shoots energy balls periodically, and begin moving in a more erratic pattern. Though the cannon will be sparking with electricity while it's charging, the player is still safe to hit it with a jump to cause damage to it, while avoiding the periodic discharges. After 17 more hits (or one hit if the player strikes while the conduits are not sparking), the mech is destroyed, ending the second phase.

Final phase

And then there's more. The final part of the boss battle sees Eggman's pod shift up and down between the two ends of a electricity chamber. Energy bolts fire from cannons above the player to keep them on their toes, and the player must hit the pod from the side to land a hit; hitting the pod from either the top or bottom will only hurt the player instead.

Eventually, Eggman's pod will start slowing down, coming to a stop on one side of the chamber. When this happens, the entire room is periodically shot through with lightning that can damage the player. The only way for Sonic or Tails to dodge this is to hop inside whichever chute Eggman isn't occupying at the time. After a total of 8 hits against the pod, the player will finally win the fight.


Finally, after four bosses in a row, Eggman is out of defenses. He flees to a floating platform, but is attacked during his hasty retreat and sent falling down a pit, dropping the final, yellow Chaos Emerald. Sonic/Tails proceeds onwards to find an imprisoned Knuckles, presumably captured by Eggman after the echidna's defeat at Tidal Plant Zone. After destroying the energy cage, the Guardian concedes a thankful handshake, before they flee the base together.

If all 6 Chaos Emeralds are already collected, the credits will roll after the final results tally. If any of them are missing, a cutscene will play instead, with Fang laughing at the player. He trips and spills however many Chaos Emeralds were missed, and then the text "Try Again" appears. The music for this ending is a pitched-down version of the "Try Again" theme from Sonic Chaos.



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