Can an Evil Genius Crash on your Couch for a Few Days?

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Sonic Boom episode #2
"Can an Evil Genius Crash on your Couch for a Few Days?"
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Season: 1
Country: United States
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Can an Evil Genius Crash on your Couch for a Few Days? is the second episode of Sonic Boom.


Dr. Eggman lies to Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower about his base needing repairs for a few days to trick them into letting him into their home, along with Orbot and Cubot. Once he keeps them up long enough, he will use his Obliterator Bot to take them down at their weakest moment. Sticks the Badger figures out early on that Eggman moving was all part of an evil plot yet no one believes her. Amy Rose tells them that they have to help him or they'll be no better than he is, to which Eggman agrees.

After two days of non-stop games, Eggman busts out his Obliterator Bot on Team Sonic, vindicating Sticks. Eggman commands the robot to destroy Sonic and his four friends, but Obliterator Bot misheard it as "For-tress" and heads to Eggman's island fortress. Eggman tries to make the bot stop and instead it starts playing up-tempo music while it goes to destroy the island fortress. Eggman then convinces Sonic to help him or he'll be truly stuck living with him until he builds a new fortress.

The six of them fly to the island and arrive while Obliterator Bot is wrecking the roof. To take it down, Eggman tells them they need to activate two kill switches at the same time at opposite ends of the lair. Sonic and Tails head for the switches but are almost too sleepy to activate them. Amy, Knuckles the Echidna and Sticks meanwhile attempt to distract the bot. While Sonic was snoring, Eggman then appears to get him to finish the job. He then runs over to Tails to make him pull the other kill switch. Both of them let go of the switch and fall asleep. Eggman then pulls out his kazoo and uses it to wake them up. The Obliterator Bot shuts down, but it's too late. Eggman is homeless and Sonic and Tails refuse to let him stay with them again.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
French Mon coloc est une génie du mal My Roommate is an Evil Genius

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