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Sonic Boom episode #1
"The Sidekick"
Written by:
Season: 1
Original airdate:
Country: United States
Can an Evil Genius Crash on your Couch for a Few Days?
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The Sidekick is the first episode of Sonic Boom.


The episode begins with Sonic chasing Dr. Eggman through a canyon. The hedgehog eventually runs into Dr. Eggman's newest creation, Burnbot. Sonic questions if this robot has flamethrowers or not, but Eggman tells him its weapon is its claws. The doctor sends Burnbot to attack but Sonic is able to outpace the robot. During the battle, Tails flies in on the Tornado. Tails sends Sonic an Enerbeam for him to grab onto. Sonic then uses his swing from the Enerbeam to give Burnbot a kick. Then Burnbot damages Tails' plane, causing the fox to crash. Once Sonic takes care of Burnbot, he runs after Tails to see if he's okay.

After the battle, Sonic fires Tails as his sidekick to keep him safe. Sonic then starts putting up fliers to find a new sidekick, which catches Eggman's attention. A line is formed at Sonic's shack for tryouts of the new sidekick. Amy Rose and Knuckles the Echidna enter the tryouts but they don't make the cut. Tails also entered the tryouts wearing a disguise so Sonic wouldn't notice. Once when Tails does take off the cloak though Sonic tells him he can't be his sidekick. Miles informs him though that the rules said all candidates are welcomed. Eggman also shows up at this moment to tell them he is entering the tryouts too. Fastidious Beaver is also entered in as the third candidate since he was the only one who didn't leave earlier.

The tryouts officially begin with a hoverboard competition. The winner must bring back the red flag Sonic planted on Mount Safety. Once the race to the flag begins, Dr. Eggman starts using his weapons and Fastidious Beaver loses almost instantly. Tails and Eggman once they get on the ground switch to their usual forms of transportation. Eggman also grabs Burnbot to attack Tails with. The Tornado crashes once again and Sonic saves his buddy. To make matters worse, Eggman reveals he upgraded Burnbot to now be able to burn things. Burnbot's attacks knock Sonic into the water where Tails now has to be the one to save him. Sonic then Homing Attacks Burnbot to defeat it. Sonic and Tails then make up and later Knuckles and Amy team up.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
French Le Coéquipier The Teammate

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