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*[[Super Sonic & Hyper Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog]]
<i>(In chronological order)</i>
<i>(In chronological order)</i>

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<forumuser name="Clownacy" /> Clownacy (sometimes mistaken as Clownancy) is a Tech Member of Sonic Retro who joined early in July of 2013, after lurking for some years.


Clownacy began lurking after being lead to Sonic Retro by YouTube videos demonstrating modifications of Sonic titles on an assembly level. Discovering the SCHG 'how-to' guides not long after, he took up creating bugfixed, 'definitive versions' of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2. In the years following, his interest drifted from hack production to general programming. He eventually joined Sonic Retro, where he spent his trial period responding to users in the
Sonic Retro
Basic Questions & Answers topic
, and creating 'how to' guides.

From then, he went on to create several more guides, refine the Git disassemblies, and, later on, create an enhanced version of Sonic 1's SMPS 68k sound driver: the Sonic 2 Clone Driver v2, which was a replacement for the aged, but still commonly used, Sonic 2 Clone Driver.

He was promoted to Tech Member on the 29th of July 2014, just over a year after joining.

In mid-August of the same year, he produced an upgraded version of Project Sonic 1: Two-Eight, sporting a rebase to the modern Git disassembly, bug-fixes, optimisations, and restored debug features. This was uploaded to the Git repository as a branch of the Sonic 1 disassembly.


Clownacy remains a Tech Member on Sonic Retro and a Pro Member on SSRG. He can occasionally be found on the #SSRG IRC channel.




(In chronological order)