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Project Sonic 1: Two-Eight is a modified disassembly of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive, which has been modified such that the game's level layout engine utilises Sonic 2's 128x128-pixel chunks (256x256 in the original game) and path-swapping systems. It was created by MarkeyJester, and
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in the hope that the new method of level design it offers would encourage other Sonic hackers to work with Sonic 1, and perhaps try things that would have been difficult or impossible with its old system.

On April 21st, 2012, MarkeyJester updated the project. All SonED2 folder data was removed, and the SonED2 project files were fixed to be compatible with the project. Other changes include the removal of all the compression changes in the batch script, assembling the data with no conversion necessary. Special Stage SonED2 project files were also made available.

Kram1024 Fork

An updated version (of the pre-2012 version) existed as a continuation by Kramlat, then kram1024, known as Project Two-Eight: Kraminator Special, which had all the SCHG bugfixes of the time, support for the then-latest version of SonED2, a functional Eggman monitor, and 16x16 blocks changed to use Kosinski compression instead of Enigma. Like the 2012 version, the levels were integrated and the level converter was removed. To convert from Sonic 2 to Kraminator, and from the original Project Sonic 1: Two-Eight to Kraminator, follow the steps below, in their respective order.

From Sonic 2 to Kraminator

  • Level Layouts and Solidity Binary need to be uncompressed from Kosinski.
  • 8x8 Tiles need to be recompressed from Kosinski to Nemesis.

From the original to Kraminator

KingofHarts Continuation

Another continuation of the project was made by KingofHarts. This variant came about as a means for users of the then-modern Hg disassembly to benefit from the project, who were previously unable to due to it being based on the older Hivebrain disassembly. Unlike the Kram1024 fork, this continuation did not contain the SCHG bugfixes and functional Eggman monitor, or Kosinski-compressed 16x16s, instead simply aiming to give the original project a modern base. The continuation did, however, contain a partial bugfix to the original's pathswapper system. Though the continuation was intended to "bring [the] project back into the limelight", over time, it became outdated, itself.

GitHub Continuation

The latest continuation, initially developed by Clownacy, follows in the footsteps of KingofHarts' continuation by providing a variant of Project Sonic 1: Two Eight with a modern base. It's designed to avoid the fate of its precursor by remaining constantly up to date, through updating alongside the modern Git disassembly. This version includes fixes to many, if not all, of the original project's bugs and oversights, enhanced pathswapper debug functions, along with optimisations to the code overall. This continuation is hosted on GitHub, allowing it to be modified and improved by other members of the community.


ASM68k Version

Download.svg Download Project Sonic 1: Two-Eight
File: TwoEight.rar (1.15 MB) (info)
Current version: Second release

AS Macro Assembler Version

Download.svg Download Project Sonic 1: Two-Eight
File: TwoEightAs.7z (1.31 MB) (info)
Current version: First release

Kraminator Special

Download.svg Download Project Sonic 1: Two-Eight
File: KraminatorSpecial.7z (1.37 MB) (info)
Current version: Release 2

KingofHarts Continuation

Download.svg Download Project Sonic 1: Two-Eight
File: Sonic 1 Two-Eight HG v1.2 .rar (2.07 MB) (info)
Current version: v1.2

Previous versions

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