Sonic 1 Beta Remake

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Sonic 1 Beta Remake
Version: 0.06 ( Vixenko's )
Last release: 18-07-2020
Status: Complete ( Original ) , Unfinished ( Vixenko's )
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: Tweaker, JcFerggy, Driver, R. Solaris

Sonic 1 Beta Remake is a Sonic 1 hack created by Mistergambit, first released on September 14th, 2006. This hack has all of the Sonic 1 levels redesigned to look like their prototype counterparts, as seen in various magazine screen shots. This hack also has new objects, such as a functioning Splats, the checkered ball that was scrapped from GHZ, and more. To make it seem more like a genuine prototype, some levels are made to look unfinished. The v0.06 are now released and the owner of this hack were Vixenko now.



  • Special stage layout is completely different for both the first and second stage, three of the special stages playable.
  • Collecting a Chaos Emerald will cause Sonic to do a pose.
  • Alternate ending with the unused Robotnik's death sequence.
  • No credits screen, Screen says "COMING SOON" then goes to the SEGA Screen.
  • Sonic punches the air when you press the jump buttons at the end of the level. (Thanks Tweaker)
  • Press Start Button text on title screen.
  • "TM" is removed from the title screen as Sonic wasn't trademarked yet.
  • If Sonic is underwater too long, he will show his gasping for air head.
  • Debug is removed (but not completely).
  • Sonic's pallete is different (blue-er).
  • There are X's next to some things on Level Select.
  • The level select is black and white.
  • There is no Sega Sound.
  • Music is different (the tracks use different instruments, probably to make it seem its using a prototype sound driver).
  • Playing sound 9F will take you to the ending sequence which has some changes. Playing sound 9E will take you to the "COMING SOON" screen.

Green Hill Zone

  • GHZ has the infamous checkered ball (you push it).
  • Some areas have slightly different layouts.

Labyrinth Zone

  • LZ has a completely different BG, which doesn't scroll.
  • LZ has a new Demented Burrobot badnik (accessible via debug mode).
  • Goggles powerup added.
  • LZ is unfinished (this was intentional).

Marble Zone

  • MZ has UFOs in the BG that are fully animated.
  • MZ has different looking lava.
  • MZ is infested with Yadrin badniks (as seen in the prototype screens) and fewer Caterkillers.
  • MZ has horizontal spikes.
  • MZ doesn't have the pillars and the rings are missing from in between them.
  • Sonic dies in the MZ demo recording.
  • There is a Buzz Bomber at the beginning that was never there in the final.

Star Light Zone

  • SLZ has different layout in various parts of each act.
  • SLZ is unfinished in some parts, but beatable.
  • Splats the Rabbit Badnik is added.

Sparkling Zone (Spring Yard Zone)

  • SYZ has been completely changed.
  • SYZ has animated sparkles in the BG.
  • The roller badnik in SYZ is purple, as seen in magazine screens. Also the GFX bug with the Roller (some frames of its rolling animation would be garbled)has been fixed.
  • Motobug badniks have been added to SYZ.
  • There are rotating spike balls around some star bouncers.
  • There are many different signs in the BG.
  • There is a "S" monitor which does grant the player speed and invincibility but the invincible music doesn't play.

Clock Work Zone (Scrap Brain Zone)

  • SBZ1 BG is different, and has working slanted conveyor belts.
  • SBZ2 has a slightly different BG as well.
  • SBZ2 is unfinished (also intentional).
  • SBZ3/LZ4 is deleted.
  • Some wheels don't work.
  • The background is mainly a modification of of Scrap Brain Zone 2/Final Zone background.

Clock Work Zone Act 3 (Final Zone)

  • FZ is now a full act long and there is no boss. (only an eggprison)
  • There is a machine present at the end of the level, which malfunctions as you push against it.
  • No ending after you beat FZ.
  • There is a tube which is hard to get past without debug mode on. (You have to spindash/roll the moment you enter the tube)
  • There wheels that don't work near the end that are even harder to get past without debug (though using debug mode there are dots when placed on the wheels, will be fully functional).


  • 005: Debug mode doesn't work, W posts in Special Stage act like R posts.
  • 004: Debug mode does work, unused crumbling platforms are found in GHZ.
  • 003: Title Screen Level Select/Debug mode, works the Same as the Final.
  • 003B1: In Debug mode one space is empty, making Sonic invisible.
  • 002
  • 001


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