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<forumuser name="JcFerggy" /> JcFerggy is a rom hacker from Canada, known for his work in making Sonic 1 Pixel Perfect. JcFerggy had left the hacking community in early 2009, but as of 2015 has since re-joined and has started work on a new hack. JcFerggy also goes by the handles Ferggy and FergusonJc.


JcFerggy first came across the hacking community in late 2005, but first registered on Sonic Retro (Then know as The_Sonic_2_Beta_Page) on February 22, 2006. Being young and new to hacking, his first hacks were very simple edits. His first released hack was of Blaze in Sonic 1, though it only featured sprite and pallet changes with no code alterations.

Sonic Compressed Art Archive

Later in 2006, JcFerggy became friends with Irixion who at the time was teaching him the basics of compressed art. With good intentions in mind, JcFerggy started work on a site that ended up becoming the Sonic Compressed Art Archive (SCAA for short). The site hosted compressed art from several different games (Most, but not all were Sonic related) that would allow visitors to easily download and drop new art assets into their hack. As the site grew, forum members DNXDelta, Unspoken, and Shadow Fire joined the site as art creators. In early 2009, JcFerggy passed along the site to Ollie to host and maintain.

Sonic 1: Pixel Perfect

In mid 2007, JcFerggy partnered up with NovaWizard, and started work on a Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(16-bit) hack that would come to be Sonic 1 Pixel Perfect. The goal of the hack was to stay close to the flow of the original Sonic trilogy, while offering new art and level layouts. The first beta of the hack was released on October 27, 2007, with the second (and currently final) release on August 31, 2008 (Hacking Contest build). After the release in 2008, the hacks team split apart.

Life After Sonic Retro

In early 2009, JcFerggy stopped being an active member on Sonic Retro, as well as other community sites, but he would visit often as his Sonic Retro bookmark never left his bookmark bar.

After discovering the Guitar Hero clone Frets on Fire, JcFerggy became a member of a small team named Project Clone with the goal of creating themes for the Frets on Fire mod FoFiX in the visual style of Guitar Hero 1, 2, and Rock the 80's. In working with these themes, he helped propose features for themes and help shape the development of FoFiX.

After Project Clone, JcFerggy joined the Half-Life 2 mod GoldenEye: Source. He first started out as web moderator, adding to their Wiki and Forums. He also interviewed developers about the process of making their maps, which would be posted on the forums. As GoldenEye: Source's Beta 3 release was nearing, the team needed extra Beta Testers, so JcFerggy was brought on. Since then, JcFerggy has become their lead Beta Tester, as well as a PR manager for creating and posting updates to their forums and other news outlets. JcFerggy also had the pleasure playing with PC Gamer Magazine while they were doing an article about the game. Currently, GoldenEye: Source is on version 4.2.4, with a new release hopefully on the horizon.

Returning To Retro

In mid 2015, JcFerggy found out that a Russian Sonic hacker by the name of Jk.Fox modified the 2008 build of Sonic 1: Pixel Perfect, combined it with the level layouts of Sonic the Hedgehog - Westside Island, and released it as Sonic 1: Pixel Perfect Ultimate. Wanting to know more about this, he got in contact with Varion Icaria, which lead him back down the rabbit hole of Sonic hacking.