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<forumuser name="sik" /> Sik is a Tech Member on the Sonic Retro forum. He is interested in Sonic 3D Blast hacking: he made public a database of his own containing a lot of information (mainly about RAM contents), and has hacked the boss of Green Grove Zone Act 3, changing its behaviour completely. He's disassembling the game, and for a lot of time he has been working on removing the flicky system from the game, meaning that Sonic would not need to collect flickies anymore. The result of this research has been the creation of a hack implementing these changes, named Sonic 3D: No Flickies.

However, his main pastime isn't hacking Sonic games, but making Mega Drive homebrew. His former project was Project MD, a generic platforming game featuring a girl calling Stephany and set in a virtual world. While the gameplay isn't innovative at all and the level design is considered bland by himself, this game has been praised for several of the visual effects included in it, such as a pseudo-3D grid that also mirrors anything stepping on it. Currently Sik is working on something else, though he won't give away details on that project.

He gained notoriety in 2008 when he and Tweaker contacted Hirokazu Yasuhara through Chris Senn, confirming that the lost desert level in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was called Dust Hill Zone, a debate which had raged amongst the Sonic scene for years beforehand.

Sik also does some activities unrelated to hacking or Mega Drive related projects in general. He occasionally sends articles to Opera Software's web development site, even though so far only one has been published.

It must be noted that Sik is very reluctant to reveal any details about himself in real life.

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