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Level select


Enabled by default. Simply press A+Start on the title screen.

Edit mode


Press C C Up Down Down Down Down Up then A+Start on the title screen, then highlight a Zone in the stage select and press and hold A.

2-Player VS mode

Sonic2Alpha MD 2P EHZ1 Start.png

Highlight a Zone in the stage select and press B+Start to play the level in 2-player split-screen mode. This does not work on levels with water in them (Hidden Palace Zone, Neo Green Hill Zone and the second Act of Chemical Plant Zone). Other than having a second screen to watch Tails, gameplay remains unchanged from 1-player mode.

Night mode


Enable Edit Mode, highlight a Zone in the stage select and press C+Start.

Unused content


Art Description
Sonic2Alpha MD Sprite CNZBlock.gif
An early design for the moving blocks in Casino Night Zone, which is much smaller than in the final game.[1]


Placeable in edit mode

Art Description
Sonic2 MD Sprite Monitors.png
The ? monitor, destined for 2P versus mode can be placed, and when broken, Sonic will transform into Super Sonic.
Sonic2 MD Sprite OldStarPost.png
The prototype Star Post seen in earlier versions of the game still exists. When deactivated, it is yellow, rapidly flashing white and red once Sonic has passed by.
Sonic2 MD Sprite MZRhombusLift.png
The diagonal lifts still exist in Metropolis Zone, except unlike the Simon Wai prototype, they do not move.
Sonic2Alpha MD Sprite SlicerMiscoloured.png
Slicer with a blue palette can be placed in Metropolis Zone.
Sonic2Alpha MD Sprite StegwayMiscoloured.png
Stegway with an incorrect palette can be placed in Hidden Palace Zone.
Sonic2Alpha MD Sprite OOZTube.png
Horizontal versions of the breakable tube-like objects in Oil Ocean exist. They function in the same way as the final game, but send Sonic and Tails left or right rather than up. Once Sonic is travelling, the player can't make him stop unless he collides with an object - even in edit mode the player will continue to travel.
Fully functional horizontal and vertical fans exist in Oil Ocean Zone.
Sonic2Alpha MD Sprite AutorollObject.png
The auto-rolling object, usually found before tubes to force Sonic and Tails into a ball, can be placed in Casino Night Zone. It is represented in edit mode as four spring icons, which are not used in any other version of the game.
Bumpers can also be placed in Casino Night Zone.
Sonic2 MD Sprite CPZ CorrectDoor.png
Doors for Chemical Plant Zone, with the correct artwork. Also unused in the final game, but used in the 2013 remake.
Both horizontal and vertical variants of the Spiny enemy for Chemical Plant Zone.
Grabber enemy for Chemical Plant Zone. It will release an animal if destroyed, but it doesn't move yet.
Aquatic ruin door.png
Unused doors for Aquatic Ruin Zone. They're unused in the final game too, but here they are just solid objects.
Chopchop sprite.png
Chop Chop enemies for Aquatic Ruin Zone.
Whisp sprite.png
Whisp enemies for Aquatic Ruin Zone.
Grounder sprite.png
Grounder enemies for Aquatic Ruin Zone.
Bubble object for Aquatic Ruin Zone.
"Growing" pillars.
Pillars where the bottom drops off when Sonic and Tails run beneath.
Pillars that fall down when stood on.


Art Description
Though the Snail Badnik was replaced with Coconuts, its coding hasn't been dummied out yet. Interestingly, its object ID was changed from $54 to $59.
An early version of the Crawl Badnik, whose object ID is $5A. This Badnik has different behaviour from the final, where it will burrow out from underground, much like in early concept art by Tom Payne.Media:Sonic2 MD TomPayne crawlconcept.jpg[2] The mappings for this were made for the old art, but this prototype has newer art that doesn't match the mappings.[3] Interestingly, the part of the Badnik that is destroyed is the dirt it burrows out of, and not the Badnik itself.
The Ball hidden in earlier builds, now a functional Badnik[4]. It bounces back and forth, changing direction when it comes in contact with a wall.
The Mother Bubbler hidden in earlier builds, now a functional Badnik[4]. It flies forward and drops little sparks, though these sparks do not become Bubblers. The game slows down if there are more of them.
The Bubbler hidden in earlier builds, now a functional Badnik[4]. It swells up, then explodes into a shower of foam that slowly drifts down. It can be destroyed like any other Badnik before it explodes.
Hammer Eggman, the boss of Aquatic Ruin Zone, exists within the code but cannot be fought by normal means. The boss' attacks are functional and can be defeated as normal, but the player cannot yet interact with the totem poles or arrows.
Flying Eggman, the boss of Metropolis Zone, exists within the code but cannot be fought by normal means. The boss is in a very early state as Eggman does not move, but it will still release balloons when attacked. The balloons pop like regular Badniks when jumped on, and the orbs surrounding Eggman can be popped by jumping on them. Defeating the boss crashes the game.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (alpha), prerelease version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
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