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Level select


Enabled by default. Simply press A+Start on the title screen. You can also manually enable it by pressing Up Down Down Down Down Up then A+Start

Edit mode

Sonic2SW MD Edit.png

Press C C C C Up Down Down Down Down Up then A+Start on the title screen, then highlight a zone in the stage select and press and hold: A+Start

2 Player vs mode

Cht 2p02.png

Highlight a zone in the stage select and press B+Start to play the level in 2-player split-screen mode. This does not work on levels with water in them - Neo Green Hill Zone, Hidden Palace Zone and the second Act of Chemical Plant Zone. Aside from giving Tails a camera, gamelplay is identical.

Night mode

Cht night01.png

Highlight a zone in the stage select and press C+Start.

Unused content


Art Description
Sonic2NA MD Sprite SonicFallOver.png
Sonic's post-wall collision animation from the Nick Arcade build.
Sonic2NA MD Sprite SonicRotate.png
Sonic turning or rotating sprites.
Sonic2NA MD Sprite SonicRunFast1.png

Sonic2NA MD Sprite SonicRunFast2.png

Sonic2NA MD Sprite SonicRunFast3.png

Sonic2NA MD Sprite SonicRunFast4.png
Animation for Sonic running faster than normal.
Sonic2NA MD Sprite SonicRunFaster1.png

Sonic2NA MD Sprite SonicRunFaster2.png

Sonic2NA MD Sprite SonicRunFaster3.png

Sonic2NA MD Sprite SonicRunFaster4.png
Animation for Sonic running even faster than normal.
Sonic2NA MD Sprite SonicPull.png
Sonic pulling animation.
Sonic2NA MD Sprite SonicBalance2.png
Spr ledge.gif
Sonic balancing animation, likely for when the player is mere pixels away from falling.
Sonic2 MD Sprite Monitors.png
A monitor with a spring icon. A similar item can be found in Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble as the "Pogo Spring"Media:SonicTripleTrouble GG US manual.pdf[1].
Spr 3eyefish.png
Bubbler's Mother
Spr bubble.gif
Spr bouncer.gif
Crawl prototype
Spr fireball.gif
Flaming log
Spr ball.gif
Spr hpzbg.png
a leftover section of Hidden Palace Zone background in one of the earliest Sonic 2 builds.
Spr drills left.gif
Horizontal drill
Spr drills up.gif
Vertical drill
Spr splash.gif
Leftover sprite from Chiki Chiki Boys prototype.
Spr flame.gif
Leftover sprite from Chiki Chiki Boys prototype.
Spr cpzboss.gif
Water Eggman animation
Mystic Cave Zone switch
Mystic Cave Zone vine


Placeable in edit mode

Art Description
Sonic2 MD Sprite Monitors.png
Blank monitor, similar to the one in the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Does nothing.
Sonic2 MD Sprite OldStarPost.png
Spr lamppost.gif
The prototype Star Post seen in earlier versions of the game still exists. When deactivated, it is yellow, rapidly flashing white and red once Sonic has passed by.
Sonic2 MD Sprite CPZ CorrectDoor.png
Doors for Chemical Plant Zone, with the correct artwork. Also unused in the final game, but used in the 2013 remake.
Sonic2SW MD Sprite NGHZ Pillars.png
"Growing" pillars for Aquatic Ruin Zone.
Sonic2SW MD Sprite NGHZ Pillars.png
Pillars where the bottom drops off when Sonic and Tails run underneath.
Sonic2Alpha MD Sprite OOZTube.png
Horizontal versions of the breakable tube-like objects in Oil Ocean exist. They function in the same way as the final game, but send Sonic and Tails left or right rather than up. Once Sonic is travelling, the player can't make him stop unless he collides with an object - even in edit mode the player will continue to travel.


Art Description
Sonic2 MD Sprite Monitors.png
? monitor. When broken it gives Sonic the Super Sonic palette (see below).
Spr fish.png
Spr crocobot.gif
Spr trycerobot.png
Spr seahorse2.png
Aquis prototype
Spr octopus.gif
Octus prototype

Super Sonic


A palette for Super Sonic exists in the prototype. The player can see this by setting any monitor's subtype to 08, then breaking it. Super Sonic's unique sprites, speed, invincibility, jump height, and ring drain are not yet present.

Leftover Chemical Plant Zone tiles


A set of Chemical Plant Zone tiles from a previous iteration of the game can be found in the ROM.

Unused level slots

Like the final game, the Simon Wai prototype has a number of unused level slots, which can be accessed with the Action Replay code FFFE10:??00 (substituting the question marks with the hexadecimal values below). They are all completely empty, with similar broken backgrounds to Genocide City Zone and Death Egg Zone in this build


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Simon Wai prototype), prototype version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
S2b title.png

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